4/02/2015 — Multiple tornado warnings issued, large tornado watch area across Midwest

If you live in these areas, or know someone who does, be aware of the new tornado warnings issued from Colorado into Kansas, also in Southeast Kansas near the Oklahoma border (just West of Joplin Missouri).

tornado warnings april 2 2015

The storm cells located West of Joplin Missouri have an official NWS tornado warning.  All cells moving East by Northeast – should pass very close to Joplin,  the tornado “watch” time extends throughout the night tonight.

The tornado WARNING area was just expanded towards Joplin, MO. as of 827pm CDT.  Four different warnings still ongoing.

joplin missouri tornado april 2 2015a1a

Update 11:10pm CDT

Severe weather persists across much of Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.   Warnings and watch zones expanded, and extended into the early morning hours for tomorrow April 3rd, 2015.

tornado st. louis april 2 2015a

Damaging winds, large hail, and several possible tornadoes have developed.

Currently, here at my location in St. Louis Missouri, heavy thunder + lightning can be heard/seen, and a possible tornado was detected due South of the St. Louis metropolitan area.

tornado st. louis april 2 2015

Be prepared tomorrow (today) April 3, 2015 , for another round of severe weather in the midwest, South, and on the East coast.

Weather monitoring links here:




Also, be warned of the large tornado watch area issued for this evening / night.  The difference between a “watch” and a “warning” are huge.

“Warnings” are actual tornadoes on the ground, or rotation detected by a trained spotter, issued by the National Weather Service as a legitimate threat.

“Watch” areas are locations which could develop strong storm activity quickly – producing tornadoes when conditions are right.

The watch area covers several states – Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri , Arkansas , and Colorado (as of 740pm CDT April 2 2015).  These areas could expand overnight to encompass areas further North by Northeast across Missouri, and further South into Texas.

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