4/02/2015 — New Madrid Seismic Zone — 4.0 Magnitude (3.7M revised) earthquake strikes Missouri / Tennessee

The New Madrid Seismic Zone showed rare larger earthquake activity this morning,  April 2, 2015.

A noteworthy 4.0 magnitude (3.7 revised) earthquake struck at the border of Missouri and Tennessee.

new madrid april 2 2015


Much more on the NMSZ here: http://www.showme.net/~fkeller/quake/


The rare NMSZ (new madrid seismic zone) movement is somewhat expected following the other activity occurring along the edge of the craton.

The fracking operations have all shown heavy movement in the past week, as well as heavy geyser activity at Yellowstone National park.  In addition to the aforementioned activity, we also saw multiple dormant volcanoes show movement as well.

This past week (7 days) has shown a buildup in seismic pressure coming from the West coast, translating out to multiple earthquakes at locations which normally do not show much movement.

california april 2 2015

Past 7 days (up to April 2 2015) of 4.0M+ events shows the Fracking operation in California had a 4.1M, dormant Pisgah Craters volcano had a 4.0M in Southern California, 2.7M strikes Dallas TX fracking operation, and a 4.0M strikes the New Madrid.


Information on this 4.0M in Missouri from the USGS:


Scientific – Summary


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.0 md± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 36.047°N 89.825°W± 0.3 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.9 km± 0.4
Origin Time 2015-04-02 03:51:43.330 UTC
Number of Stations 40
Number of Phases 44
Minimum Distance 7.28 km (0.07°)
Travel Time Residual 0.18 sec
Azimuthal Gap 60°
FE Region Missouri (486)

Event Time

  1. 2015-04-02 03:51:43 (UTC)
  2. 2015-04-01 22:51:43 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone
  3. Times in other timezones

Nearby Cities

  1. 4km (2mi) S of Steele, Missouri
  2. 15km (9mi) NNE of Blytheville, Arkansas
  3. 29km (18mi) SE of Kennett, Missouri
  4. 39km (24mi) W of Dyersburg, Tennessee
  5. 266km (165mi) ENE of Little Rock, Arkansas

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