4/12/2015 — 5.3M earthquake in Japan — Earthquake forecast hit — Viewer Fundraiser Attached

As expected, a mid-range 5.3 magnitude earthquake has struck off the shores of Japan.

japan earthquake april 12 2015

This was forecast to occur yesterday, and we’re still watching for larger movement to strike over the next few days.

After two earthquakes deep in the Asthenosphere occurred on each side of the North Pacific (North and South), this led me to issue a new earthquake forecast watch.


Quote from yesteray April 11 2015:

“West Pacific, past 24 hours.. TWO deep earthquakes in the Asthenosphere on either side of the Pacific plate (north and south).

japan warning april 12 2015

One event North of Japan near Kamchatka Russia.. the other event South where the Philippines meets Indonesia.

This means we need to watch the are between both deep earthquakes for shallow larger movement in the near term.

This new round of deep movement resets everything, and a new forecast needs to be issued (by me) sometime tonight.

The previous 7 day forecast is now up.

Any time we see deep movement in the Asthenosphere, it is now proved to displace the plates above the movement (proved by new tests done this past year) which causes shallow earthquakes in adjacent areas .. sometimes very far away from the deep movement itself.

I am now watching Japan with interest.

Ironically, a story is circulating regarding beached dolphins in Japan being the sign of a coming earthquake… all the articles mention how this happened before the 2011 mega-quake.

I would like to remind everyone that that mega-quake was preceded by months of excessive volcanic activity (which everyone ignored back in 2011 like they are ignoring now)… was also accompanied by deep asthenosphere earthquakes beforehand as well.

In 2011, at the same time we saw Japan building, we also saw multiple large fracking earthquakes and movement occur near Yellowstone… this is happening again now in 2015.

Thus, in 2015 we’re seeing volcanoes pop off like in 2011, we’re seeing beached animals like we saw in 2011, we’re seeing increased activity in the US like we saw in 2011, and we’re seeing more activity at Yellowstone like we saw in 2011.

Does this mean the next mega-earthquake will hit Japan? I hope not. Currently the signs for a 6.0-7.0M are there.. but the big one again… there? I hope not.

Keep watch also on the West coast of the United States as was warned yesterday .. still watching there for the next 4 days.”


Information from the USGS on this current 5.3M earthquake in Japan:

M5.3 – 252km E of Namie, Japan


Magnitude / uncertainty 5.3 mwp± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 37.150°N 143.821°E± 7.7 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.9 km± 3.8
Origin Time 2015-04-12 19:25:01.810 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 111
Minimum Distance 279.86 km (2.51°)
Travel Time Residual 1.00 sec
Azimuthal Gap 86°
FE Region Off the east coast of Honshu, Japan (229)

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