4/12/2015 — Fracking and Drilling LOS ANGELES metropolitan area — Earthquake strikes operation

Downtown Los Angeles California was just struck by an OIL / GAS / FRACKING earthquake !

california fracking april 12 2015 a

california fracking earthquake april 12 2015

Correction 100am CDT April 13, 2015 — make that TWO earthquakes at this location , not one.   An additional 3.5 magnitude earthquake struck at the same location after I made this post.

Does ANYONE reading this (aside from people who get paid to operate these things) think it is a good idea to be drilling, and pumping around Metropolitan Los Angeles, California?

In light of what we now know about drilling, oil / gas extraction, and fracking, it might be wise for the people of California to reassess their priorities — now that the science is in on human induced seismic activity.

The recent developments are quite noticeable , large earthquakes occurring at oil/gas operations , which should be concerning to all parties involved….. especially the fact that this is being done along a series of large active fault lines in a West Coast metropolitan area worth hundreds of billions of dollars (if not more).

The net worth of the Southern California region TRUMPS the net worth of the oil companies / gas companies doing this injection, and extraction — thus when they start causing noticeable earthquakes , we need to pay heed NOW.

This California fracking / oil operation earthquake issue cannot be allowed to turn into an Oklahoma type situation — where hundreds of 3.0M and 4.0M give way to 5.0M+ events (as we saw in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, and Virginia in 2011 , 2012, 2013,  2014, and now into 2015).

In 2011 we saw a 5.3M strike Colorado, 5.6M strike Oklahoma, 5.3M strike Arkansas, and 5.9M strike Virginia… this is on top of the dozens of 4.0M+ events (nearing 5.0) which occurred across Kansas, Texas, Ohio, and Colorado.

Now, spring 2015, we are seeing fracking / oil operations in CALIFORNIA begin to produce activity as we first saw begin in Oklahoma back in 2011.

People of California need to take precautions now to avert this coming catastrophe.

As we saw in Oklahoma, as new studies by the USGS now confirm, ancient fault lines were reactivated by the injection / extraction process, faults which hadn’t moved in MILLIONS of years are now moving thanks to the injection , and extraction being done.

If this begins to occur in California, around Los Angeles going North to Coalinga, CA — then we are looking at a major issue in the next few years.

Professionals have confirmed that these earthquakes grow in size (magnitude), and in number of events (frequency) .

Thus, these 2.5M – 3.5M earthquakes we’ve seen over the past few weeks WILL CERTAINLY grown to 4.0M-5.0M over the next 1-2 years if steps are not taken now to avert this.

In 2011, across Oklahoma / Kansas / Texas / Colorado .. they (the companies and local governments – state governments) would not listen, and literally denied that fracking can even cause earthquakes !!    DERP!  Literally a facepalm + SMH @ the stupidity in the denial of obvious earthquakes occurring directly below said fracking operations.

Using the denial as a crutch, in 2011, instead of scaling back operations, they went ahead into full production mode, and even expanded production areas.   The result of going full force in the face of the proof of human caused seismic activity, was the complete fracture of an entire states fault system.

Thousands upon thousands of earthquakes have now occurred since they made the WRONG choice back in 2010-2011.

Will California scale back injections, and extractions to avert this coming disaster?

My best guess will be that this message here will fall upon deaf ears.  One can only hope that someone will listen to reason this time, as the last time I tried warning the states of Oklahoma, and Arkansas — they ignored the warnings in 2011, and ended up having major earthquakes as a result.

ONLY AFTERWARDS DID THEY LISTEN!  My viewers / readers will attest that the response from Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Ohio, Colorado, and Kansas has been a direct result of the information we’ve all shared here online regarding this issue.

Only one person out there pushing to scale back fracking to avert coming earthquakes.. and you are reading the post of that person right now 🙂


Information from the USGS on this current 2.5M in Los Angeles:


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.5 ml± 0.2
Location 33.989°N 118.365°W
Depth / uncertainty 6.6 km± 0.7
Origin Time 2015-04-12 23:35:47.000 UTC
Number of Stations 75
Number of Phases 95
Minimum Distance 0.36 km (0.00°)
Travel Time Residual 0.38 sec
Azimuthal Gap 58°
FE Region Greater Los Angeles area, California (43)

Information on the subsequent 3.5 magnitude earthquake to strike this same location:


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.5 ml± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 33.993°N 118.360°W± 0.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 9.7 km± 0.4
Origin Time 2015-04-13 04:17:41.180 UTC
Number of Stations 110
Number of Phases 131
Minimum Distance 0.30 km (0.00°)
Travel Time Residual 0.29 sec
Azimuthal Gap 27°
FE Region Greater Los Angeles area, California (43)


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