4/15/2015 — ANOTHER Los Angeles California FRACKING / OIL Earthquake — signs of building pressure

Another earthquake has struck near ANOTHER fracking operation inside the Los Angeles California Metropolitan area.

Measuring 3.2 (3.1 magnitude revised) , the event occurred on the opposite side of a mountain being “fracked”.  The location where the fracking operations are located is near “Whitney Canyon Park”.

los angeles april 15 2015 earthquake

fracking california april 15 2015

Yesterday (April 14 2015) I issued a full website article regarding earthquake activity developing around the Gas / Oil pumping facilities located INSIDE metropolitan Los Angeles, California.

The response to my post was met by an official DENIAL of the relation between the fracking / oil operations and the earthquakes happening directly beneath them.

Move forward 24 hours, and another earthquake has struck near ANOTHER fracking operations inside of Metropolitan Los Angeles, CA !

As I said in my article yesterday, the “professionals” will end up eating their words , their foolish denial of obvious building stress in the area will backfire — and we won’t have to wait long to see them proved wrong.

As we saw in 2011, when a fracking operation STARTS to show signs of movement, there is only a short time before major movement begins.

This is why I am stressing the need to head this one off at the pass — yet instead of listening to reason, we have professionals in California DENYING there is any connection between the Earthquakes and the Oil / Gas pumping operations.

As we saw in several other states, this earthquake activity in Los Angeles is now spreading to other nearby fracking / oil operations to RELIEVE the pressure building — the professionals are denying there is any pressure building — meanwhile we only have a short time between the pressure spreading and the whole area fracturing.

Months or less.   Just like in 2011.. first we saw a few 2.0-3.0M earthquakes in Oklahoma and Arkansas — that was the time where they should have cut back but DID NOT — the result of not cutting back when warning signs of excess pressure were there was a complete fracture of the states active fault zones, and a reactivation of million year old dormant faults.

If these operations carry on in Los Angeles unchecked, if the professionals carry on denying, then the result will be Oklahoma on the West coast — only with hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, not just farm fields.

The “professionials” will be singing a different tune very soon.  It will be sung AFTER the bigger earthquakes hit these operations, when it becomes undeniable to even the average person.

It could be a swarm which strikes one of these operations, or it could be a single larger event.  As it stands right now, things are just beginning to move in a noticeable way — lets hope reason prevails over greed, and that they cut back operations IMMEDIATELY until the pressure subsides naturally.

M3.2 – 6km NNW of Pacoima, California


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.2 ml± 0.2
Location / uncertainty 34.334°N 118.456°W± 0.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 8.8 km± 0.7
Origin Time 2015-04-16 03:59:58.460 UTC
Number of Stations 90
Number of Phases 113
Minimum Distance 6.21 km (0.06°)
Travel Time Residual 0.28 sec
Azimuthal Gap 22°
FE Region Greater Los Angeles area, California (43)

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