4/16/2015 — Dutch courts LIMIT FRACKING due to increased earthquake threat

Major news in regards to fracking earthquakes, and their ramifications.

Dutch courts have ruled to limit fracking in the EU’s largest gas production area due to increased earthquake activity.

The Netherlands (Holland) is taking the problem very seriously, unlike here in the United States.

oklahoma fracking earthquake feb 29 2012 3.1m 1b

Screenshot of a typical oil / frack well site (located in Oklahoma), showing a pump and tanks connected via a pipeline. (February 2012)

Dutch court limits fracking on earthquake fears


“A Dutch court suspended gas production from the Loppersum area of the Groningen natural gas field, Europe’s biggest, as earthquakes linked to production damaged homes.

Loppersum, which pumps less than 10 per cent of the field’s output, may produce “small volumes of gas” only if “extraction from other locations is no longer possible and if necessary for the security of supply,” the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State in The Hague said Tuesday on its website. Dutch and U.K. gas prices reversed earlier gains.

“We’re extremely happy. This ruling is historic,” Nette Kruzenga, co-founder of Groningen Centraal, one of two groups seeking an immediate halt in Groningen gas production, said Tuesday, according to the ANP newswire. “It is clear the judge said that the situation around Loppersum is dangerous.””


The Dutch officials are taking an entirely different approach than here is the United States (which is very wise!).

Here in the United States, we have half the country acknowledging the problem, and half the country denying any problem exists!

States which admit the problem are the states which have seen damaging 4.0 – 5.0M+ earthquakes like Arkansas, Ohio, Virginia, and Oklahoma.

The states DENYING the fracking earthquake connection are the “big producers” like California,  Colorado, and Texas.

Even though CA, CO, and TX have also seen 4.0M+ earthquakes below their operations , for some reason,  in these states ONLY, we have officials who are still in denial that fracking is causing the earthquakes directly below their operations!

California is currently denying the swarm of earthquakes happening below their operations which occurred over the past 2 weeks.  Texas (texas railroad commission) is still in denial, and making foolish public statements calling the other professionals work regarding fracking earthquaks “unfounded”.

Meanwhile, in the states which have scaled back new injections, and scaled back current operations — the earthquakes have gone back to almost nothing.

In the states where denial of the problem still exists, they continue to pump (and extract) like normal , which leads to excess pressure and fracturing (activating) the ancient fault zones BENEATH the operations which are being injected.

Luckily, the people whose namesake I carry with me — the Dutch — are known to be smart + wise!  🙂   They are taking prudent steps to avert further earthquake activity.

This all stems from earthquakes which occurred over the past 2 years.  Specifically an event in 2013 worth noting here:



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