4/17/2015 — SECOND Oil / Gas fracking facility EXPLODES — this time in Texas — BLAMED ON LIGHTNING AGAIN!?

Same day as a Gas / oil fracking facility exploded in Colorado (which was blamed on ‘lightning’) …. NOW ANOTHER Gas facility explodes in Texas within hours of the Colorado explosion….. ALSO blamed on ‘lightning’ !?

Thanks to David S. for reporting this on facebook.

gas facility



Oil facility erupts into flames near Karnes City

“KARNES CITY, Texas – Lightning may be to blame for an explosion and fire at an oil tank facility near Karnes City.

Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva said the explosion happened around 4:10 p.m. Friday at the Shale Tank Truck Facility right around the time when a line of thunderstorms marched through the area.

No injuries were reported, Villanueva said.”

Screenshots of the location from Google Earth show multiple fracking pads surround this location, including a well at the collection facility itself.

fracking explosion earthquake april 17 2015 explosion karnesa

Compare the above story from Karnes City Texas to the OTHER story which broke just a few hours ago out of Greeley Colorado, at one of their gas collection facilities.



“Greeley officials say a possible lightning strike sparked an oil tank fire Friday afternoon. The tank is located at 22620 Weld County Road 64.

Dale Lyman, a spokesman for the Greeley Fire Department, says firefighters were called to the site northeast of the airport shortly after 1 p.m. Friday. They are working with NGL Energy Partners, the company that owns the site, to determine the best strategy to put the fire out and protect other oil and gas tank batteries nearby.

Lyman tells The Greeley Tribune about four nearby homes have been evacuated, and firefighters had the blaze under control. No injuries were reported.”


Ironically, Karnes City Texas is the location of a rather rare South Texas fracking earthquake which occurred at the start of this year (2015).

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