4/18/2015 — Texas Legislators want to PROHIBIT citizens from being able to ban fracking ! Banning BANS!

This is the single most asinine thing I’ve ever heard.

Texas wants to stop their citizens from being able to ban something they don’t like!

Specifically they want to stop citizens from being able to ban FRACKING!


This is a case of:

“Please sign this petition to stop petition signing” !    DERRRRRP!


“Let’s pass this law to outlaw laws!”


Banning the ability for the public to ban something being done to their townships?  Having no say in what happens in your own town!

This is a case state of legislators putting themselves, and their payout interests over the will of the people (who are voting to ban fracking).

Now the state is coming in and trying to pass laws which prohibit citizens from voting to ban fracking in their towns!!!!!!!!

This news comes on the tail end of other news which broke over the past several days, the Dutch government has now limited fracking due to building earthquake threats in the region due to the gas extraction process, and Germany experienced a mid-3.0 magnitude earthquake directly at one of their fracking operations.

Yesterday (April 17 2015) a series of fracking wells EXPLODED in Greeley Colorado, and also in Karnes City Texas, as well as multiple 3.9M earthquakes which occurred at the Oklahoma fracking operations.

colorado fracking earthquake aprill 17 2015

April 17, 2015 – Past 24 hours of earthquakes shows the ONLY areas to receive earthquakes in the Midwest are at direct fracking locations in Oklahoma and Colorado.


Overall the fracking process is really starting to cause some noteworthy movement across the globe.  The past 5-7 days have been a nonstop series of fracking related seismic events.

From rare earthquakes at the Colorado fracking operations, to swarms of earthquakes occurring at a Los Angeles California fracking operation — the movement has been obvious to anyone paying attention to such things.

The paid idiots in Texas will regret DENYING fracking earthquakes…. as well as the paid pets in California.  Both locations will end up in the hot seat when the walls come tumbling down (like they did in Oklahoma).

Texas officials  literally DENY fracking causes earthquakes .  A whole lot of PAID $tupidity at the Texas Railroad Commission (the agency which approves gas wells).

They’re selling out to their corporate masters, and denying the simple facts… this will come with a hefty earthquake pricetag associated with the denial of the situation.

We all know:

fracking causes earthquakes

Texas pushes forward with bill that would ban fracking ban

Published time: April 18, 2015 01:49


“The Texas state House of Representatives has passed a bill that would block cities in Texas from banning the controversial oil and gas exploration method known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

After an overwhelming vote of 122-18, the proposal – House Bill 40 – advanced to the state Senate, where lawmakers have not taken up the bill just yet. The bill featured 70 co-sponsors and had the support of the oil and gas industry.

The House vote comes just a few months after voters in a small Texas town called Denton approved a measure that banned fracking in the area. Denton was the first Texas city or county to ban the practice, the oil industry has already filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse the prohibition.

On Friday, Rep. Drew Darby (R-San Angelo), who introduced the bill, said the ban on banning fracking was needed to ensure that cities didn’t implement different regulations that harm the state’s economy.

“In the absence of this bill, a statewide patchwork of oil and gas regulation is likely,” Darby said to the Houston Chronicle.

Notably, similar comments were made by the Texas Oil & Gas Association, which is also suing Denton.

“HB 40 is a welcome solution because Texas can’t afford a patchwork of regulations for an industry that supports 40 percent of our economy,” the association tweeted after the vote, Reuters reported.

However, opponents say the measure would also take aim at measures passed by local communities addressing health, safety and more.

“It is a carte blanche for all sorts of heavy industries associated with energy production, including disposal, transport and processing,” Texas Campaign for the Environment Executive Director Robin Schneider said to Reuters.

Additionally, supporters of the bill reached a deal with the oil and gas industry to block any amendments to the legislation – a move that angered some Democrats who want to make sure oil companies wouldn’t be allowed to drill under city buildings and parks.

“I would say to you that you would be hard press to find anybody in the City of Houston to say yes to HB 40 if the intent of HB 40 is to allow any company to go to Memorial Park … and drill for what’s underneath,” said Rep. Sylvester Turner (D-Houston) to the Chronicle.

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