4/20/2015 — CENSORING the weather feeds! Blocking view of “HAARP ring” RADAR pulses deliberately

This is a case of censorship under the guise of “quality control”.

Literally blocking out RADAR returns they do not want the “public” to see.

As seen on TWC + Intellicast feeds, the giant block appeared at the same time the large “HAARP ring” / RADAR pulse event occured.  The automatic blocking of the HAARP rings also blocked out 1/4 of the entire storm along with the pulses.

censored haarp ring april 20 2015

In this case, such a large series of pulses occurred that their automatic censoring program (called “quality control”) was forced to block out 1/4 of the entire storm WHILE IT MISSED the RADAR pulse event out of upper New England !

Epic fail, like a censor placing half a black bar over a nude person while still showing everything they didn’t want you to see.

Why would they attempt to censor (hide) or omit such pulses from the public view?

Because the pulses produce storm rotation, and severe weather within 72 hours or less from the point of the pulses occurring.

This just happened near Moore Oklahoma, and Wichita Kansas.
HAARP rings / RADAR pulses occurred out of Red Cloud Nebraska (from the NEXRAD RADAR station located there), also between Wichita Kansas + Tulsa Oklahoma, and just West of Moore Oklahoma.

Red Cloud Nebraska received 1-2 inch hail, South of Wichita received a tornado, and West of Moore received a tornado… all within 2 days of the pulses occurring.

See the video of the Wichita, Red Cloud HAARP ring RADAR pulse here:

Just South of Wichita Kansas hit here:

Hail reports from Red Cloud Nebraska here:


April 16, 2015 Moore Oklahoma HAARP ring / RADAR pulse here :

haarp ring oklahoma city moore april 16 2015

April 18, 2015 Moore Oklahoma storm formation:

How many times is too many times before people realize high power microwave transmitters are inducing storm formation, and rotation near the transmitting station?

Specifically, it is now proved that microwave transmitters can (and do) induce rotation over the transmission location.

It is also proved that microwave transmissions can strip ions / electrons from the atmosphere, which induces CCN formation (cloud condensation nuclei). RADAR pulses (aka HAARP rings) are proved to induce CCN and rotation:


Together, microwaves can induce rotation, and induce water vapor — thus a man-made frequency induced storm is made.

We have seen this happen far too often to be coincidence, or chance.

The experiments proving the science behind HOW this is occurring have been done by reputable professionals, and well known institutions.

Tornadoes happening at all times of the year, winter, summer, fall, spring… irrespective of location …. from Key West Florida to Seattle Washington… time after time we see tornado formation, damaging winds, and hail develop directly near (in some cases directly over) high power microwave transmitter.


Much more information on how frequency induced storms occur can be found here:


Below are several examples of Tornadoes ONLY forming over transmitters, and airports with high power transmitters nearby: (these are just a few of the HUNDREDS of times this has now occurred).

amarillo nexrad radar haarp ring pulse storm april 11 2015

high power transmitter RADAR haarp ring iowa april 9 2015

tornado nexrad radar haarp ring april 9 2015 nebraska hastings

fort polk radar tornado april 3 2015

haarp ring radar tornado albany nexrad binghampton new york

radar real time tornado air force base march 19 2015

radar tornado march 3 2015

tornado ashland oregon oct 15 2014 haarp ring radar

tornado touchdown air force radar command october 13 2014a

tornado touchdown air force radar command october 13 2014

chicago haarp ring radar tornado oct 13 2014a

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