4/26/2015 — MAJOR Earthquake Activity — A full week of Global Unrest in review

Moving into a new week, we are coming out of a full week of major seismic unrest around the globe.

a week of unrest


Multiple large earthquakes occurred in various regions (Taiwan, South America, New Zealand, Fiji, Vancouver BC, and Nepal),  an unexpected eruption from a sleeping volcano (Calbuco Volcano in Chile), and the announcement that Yellowstone is MUCH bigger than originally thought.

IN addition to all the above, we’re now (April 26th) seeing the Hawaiian Kilauea volcano lava lake rising to record levels..




7.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal:



Calbuco Volcano in Chile unexpectedly erupts after 42 years of silence:



New land rises from the sea in North Japan (Hokkaido) – 50 foot rise in one night:



Multiple 6.0M+ earthquakes strike Taiwan:



Lava levels rising at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, drawing in spectators from miles around to observe the rare occurrence :


6.2M strikes Vancouver BC + 5.5M strikes NW California Coast following large steam plume event across California:



Yellowstone announced to be much bigger than originally thought, 11,500 cubic miles of new material discovered (enough to fill the Grand Canyon 11 times over):



New Zealand 6.2M earthquake shakes up the region on top of a flurry of different earthquakes:



Major news on fracking :



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