4/27/2015 — Lake Charles Louisiana MAN MADE TORNADO — High Power Microwave RADAR generated

Again, another possible tornado near a high power microwave transmitter.

I must ask this question yet one more time. How many times is too many times before people realize that High Power Microwaves (HPM) are inducing rotation above the transmitter?

This time , a lone storm  popping up directly over Lake Charles Louisiana.

Detected as a strong rotation, with damaging winds which formed long after sunset along the gulf coast (after the previous storms had already passed.

lake charles lousiana tornado april 27 2015


Very strange to see this lone lingering micro-storm hang out over the NEXRAD RADAR high power microwave transmitter.

This “micro-storm” was literally the size of downtown Lake Charles, LA…. in other words fairly small.   The “storm” appeared almost directly over the NEXRAD RADAR tower itself.

As the storm appeared, it produced possible tornado signatures, and was identified as a possible tornado by the NWS storm tracking system.


Above: Seen at the center of the “ring” near the RADAR center, a lingering cloud hangs over the transmitter.

How can all of this happen?  To get a better understanding , watch my video from this morning (April 27, 2015) here:



Specifically, it is now proved that microwave transmitters can (and do) induce rotation over the transmission location.

It is also proved that microwave transmissions can strip ions / electrons from the atmosphere, which induces CCN formation (cloud condensation nuclei). RADAR pulses (aka HAARP rings) are proved to induce CCN and rotation:


Together, microwaves can induce rotation, and induce water vapor — thus a man-made frequency induced storm is made.

We have seen this happen far too often to be coincidence, or chance.

The experiments proving the science behind HOW this is occurring have been done by reputable professionals, and well known institutions.

Tornadoes happening at all times of the year, winter, summer, fall, spring… irrespective of location …. from Key West Florida to Seattle Washington… time after time we see tornado formation, damaging winds, and hail develop directly near (in some cases directly over) high power microwave transmitter.


Much more information on how frequency induced storms occur can be found here:


Below are several examples of Tornadoes ONLY forming over transmitters, and airports with high power transmitters nearby: (these are just a few of the HUNDREDS of times this has now occurred).

high power transmitter RADAR haarp ring iowa april 9 2015

tornado nexrad radar haarp ring april 9 2015 nebraska hastings

fort polk radar tornado april 3 2015

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