4/28/2015 — Earthquake forecast area begins to move — Okinawa / South Japan 5.0M earthquake

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake just began the larger movement we were expecting to see near South Japan.

Striking very close to Okinawa Japan, ironically directly inside the forecast area.

5.0 okinawa earthquake forecast hit april 28 2015


I issued an earthquake forecast on April 24, 2015, and again warned yesterday for this area in a post on Facebook to my viewers.

Here is yesterday’s warning issued at 337pm CDT April 27 2015:

japan earthquake watch

Above: Graphic warning issued April 27 ,2015 which was just a reminder of the areas forecast on April 24th 2015. So far, North Japan has the “collapse + land rise” and a 4.5M earthquake strike the exact same area warned, and now today’s 5.0M strikes the Southern Japan warning area. Still two more areas to watch, and 3 more days to go in the forecast watch time.


This 5.0M is the beginning of the movement expected.

Watch the April 24, 2015 earthquake forecast here for a better idea of what is still yet to come, and to get a better understanding of WHY this activity is happening in these locations.


This earthquake activity follows a dramatic land collapse, and sea floor rise which happened 3 days ago in Hokkaido Japan.  Which has since been struck DIRECTLY by an earthquake after the land movement.


Land collapse + rise seen here:


After days of silence, we also saw the Northern part of Hokkaido Japan showed earthquake movement.  the earthquake occurred VERY CLOSE TO THE LOCATION which just experienced the sea floor rise and ground collapse!

japan sea floor rise april 28 2015

Above: April 28, 2015 – After days of silence across Japan , showing nothing greater than a 4.0M for almost three days (not normal for Japan)… a 4.5M earthquake struck almost directly at the location which experienced the collapse + sea floor rise. Seen with a black box, the location which collapsed was blamed on “ocean waves”.


So much for the rise and collapse being blamed on “ocean waves” !

Also, this is the area I just warned several hours ago,warned yesterday, and warned 3 days ago in my earthquake forecast. North Japan near Hokkaido .



M5.0 – 67km SE of Haebaru, Japan



Magnitude / uncertainty 5.0 mb± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 25.959°N 128.401°E± 6.0 km
Depth / uncertainty 12.4 km± 4.7
Origin Time 2015-04-29 00:26:51.300 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 127
Minimum Distance 98.07 km (0.88°)
Travel Time Residual 0.85 sec
Azimuthal Gap 65°
FE Region Ryukyu Islands, Japan (238)


I was on the phone with tatoott1009 who has family in Okinawa, and told him to tell THEM that they should be getting some movement and be prepared (that was about 3 hours ago , now 750pm CDT).

Feel free to ask him about it.


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