5/31/2015 — Earthquake strikes Utah Dormant Volcano — 3.2M event at Markagunt Volcanic Plateau

A rare magnitude 3.2 earthquake has struck South Central Utah near the dormant Markagunt volcanic plateau.

The last eruption of this volcano was nearly 1,000 years ago. (1050AD – in the early middle ages / late dark age)

markagunt plateau may 31 2015 volcanic earthquake

markagunt plateau earthquake may 31 2015

May 31, 2015 – Magnitude 3.2 earthquake strikes the Markagunt volcanic plateau in South Utah. The plateau is made up of multiple lava flows which extend from a cluster of long dormant volcanic cinder cones. The obvious volcanoes stand out easily, the more weathered flows to the North (near the earthquake epicenter) are much more eroded, and hard to differentiate from the surrounding mountains.



This earthquake in Utah (at a dormant volcano) immediately followed a 4.1 magnitude earthquake which struck at Salton Sea Volcano in Southern California near San Diego, CA.


The Salton Sea volcanic buttes are “active” as opposed to the long dormant Markagunt volcanoes.

salton sea volcano


For there to be two different earthquakes at two different volcanoes in the Southwest United states within about 2 hours time, this lets us know greater pressure is building on the West coast of the United States.

The greater craton pressure is putting stress on the magma chambers of a few (so far) Southwestern United States dormant volcanoes, also pressure showing up via a series of earthquakes at the fracking operation weak points in the midwest (Illinois + Kansas).

Keep watch for more activity, and at this point.. you better start looking up the coordinates of each earthquake above 3.0M on the West coast to see what resides at the location.

You can use the USGS coordinates from : http://earthquake.usgs.gov

Then use a full version of Google earth to look up the earthquake , download a copy of google earth here:  http://earth.google.com


Information on this earthquake in Utah near the Markagunt volcanoes from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 3.2 ml± 0.3
Location/uncertainty 38.061°N 112.394°W± 0.5 km
Depth/uncertainty -3.4 km± 6.8
Origin Time 2015-05-31 15:07:40.370 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases
Minimum Distance
Travel Time Residual
Azimuthal Gap
FE Region Utah (478)


5/31/2015 — Southern California 4.1M earthquake at Salton Sea Volcano — Unrest showing

A magnitude 4.1 earthquake has struck Southern California at Salton Sea Volcanic buttes.

Reports are coming in from viewers that this event was felt fairly strong in San Diego, CA.

salton sea volcano earthquake may 31 2015 4.1

salton sea volcano


Seeing a noteworthy earthquake strike near an active volcano in Southern California is a sign of the greater global seismic unrest currently underway.

It would be wise at this point (in light of the other recent Pacific earthquake activity) for the people of the West coast to at least be placed on a “watch” for possible larger movement.

Even if nothing actually ends up hitting, it is better to do what the Japanese are doing right now, which is warn the population of the possibility of a larger coming earthquake.

Certainly now we can all be on the same page that there IS a temporary increase in activity taking place in multiple locations globally, thus warnings should be issued for a general watch for normally earthquake prone areas, and give instructions to have a plan.

Keep in mind that this 4.1M earthquake struck at a location where “professionals” are concerned about a potential eruption — Salton Sea Volcano could erupt if earthquake / seismic conditions are right (their words not mine).  The volcano was elevated to “active” status in 2011 based upon some kind of internal USGS technicality.

See the news report on Salton Sea eruption potential here :


5/31/2015 — FRACKING earthquake strikes ILLINOIS — Rare earthquake along New Madrid / Wabash Valley seismic zone

Yesterday (May 30, 2015) a very rare magnitude 3.4 earthquake struck Southern Illinois along the New Madrid / Wabash Valley seismic zone.

As it turns out, the Illinois earthquake struck directly at a FRACKING operation!

Yes, you read it right, the ‘geniuses’ in charge are actually fracking the New Madrid / Wabash Valley seismic zone.

illinois fracking earthquake may 31 2015


It is now proved that fracking operations put hydraulic pressure on fault lines BELOW the operations.

Professionals in certain states are still in what I call “PAID denial” that fracking is causing earthquakes in their areas.

For instance, in California (Dr. Judy Wood denying), and professionals in Texas (Texas Railroad Commission) also denying fracking is causing the earthquakes directly below their frack wells :


We have seen these types of rare seismic events happen in each state which carries on with operations as “normal” in the face of  seismic unrest happening globally.

Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Ohio, California, North Dakota, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, British Columbia Canada, and even in Netherlands, UK, Germany, and France —- all these areas hit by rare 3.0M+ fracking earthquake activity, several hit by 4.0M+ to mid 5.0M earthquakes.

What do all the aforementioned states, and countries share in common?  Denial that fracking causes earthquakes UNTIL several large earthquakes strike which gets their citizens attention.


Information on this 3.4M fracking earthquake in Illinois from the USGS:

Magnitude 3.4 mlg
Location / uncertainty 38.462°N 88.356°W± 0.6 km
Depth / uncertainty 25.9 km± 0.6
Origin Time 2015-05-30 00:41:14.690 UTC
Number of Stations 23
Number of Phases 36
Minimum Distance 9.43 km (0.08°)
Travel Time Residual 0.3 sec
Azimuthal Gap 63°
FE Region Illinois (488)


5/31/2015 — Rare 4.0M earthquake strikes Australia (New South Wales) — Wiped off the map by USGS

A viewer reported a 4.0 magnitude earthquake struck in New South Wales, Australia which supposedly struck about 35 minutes AFTER the large Japan earthquake yesterday.

Many thanks to Mas Rock for sharing this news.

Facebook reader Mas rock said:

Another rare Australian earthquake in Australia, not being reported and apparently not yet finalised?

11337017_789424401172130_967942555427141322_o 10850234_789424357838801_6983400397459218236_n

#Earthquake #Australia #NSW #Ganmain, #Riverina, New South Wales. Magnitude: 4.0 (ML) Depth: 10 km Tsunamigenic: Not available

Date and Time UTC: 30 May 2015 @ 11:58:56
Sydney Time: 30 May 2015 @ 21:58:56 (AEST)
Location Coordinates: -34.651, 146.841 Solution status
Last updated: 30 May 2015 @ 22:09:46 (AEST) Solution finalised: No Source: Not available
It is estimated that this earthquake:
Could have been felt by people up to 62km away
Date and time uncertainty: 30 May 2015 @ 11:58:56 (+/- 3.6 seconds) (UTC)
Magnitude Location (uncertainty)
Mwp: Not available Latitude: -34.651 (+/- 20.4215km)
Mb: Not available Longitude: 146.841 (+/- 1.4213km)
Ms: (Not available) Depth: 10 km (+/- 22.7617km)
Md: Not available
ML: 4.02 (Preferred)
Quality indicators Solution status
Number of stations used: 4 (of 5 possible) Last updated: 30 May 2015 @ 10:09:46 (AEST)
Number of phase used: 4 (of 5 possible) Finalised: No
Gap angles: 122° Source: Not available
RMS residual: 2.52 seconds
Issued by © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2015
To ensure you are viewing the latest information please visit: 



I checked the feeds, and I saw nothing, however the viewer provided ALL the data for the event, thus I knew they weren’t fabricating the report, and I had something to go on in my backend internet search.

Lo, and behold, a 4.0M earthquake did strike New South Wales, Australia — but the event was DELETED, and then referred to the USGS for follow up.

australia censored earthquake may 31 2015

Now the earthquake information is blank, and completely removed from the internet.  Thank goodness for cache search!

How many wipe offs in a two day time is this?

First, a 6.8M earthquake struck off the shores of Alaska, which was followed about an hour later by a 5.1M earthquake in North California which was wiped off the feeds.

Then, the Japan 7.8M earthquake occurred, followed about 30 minutes later by a 4.7M , 4.8M, and 5.5M which struck Northern California.  These three were also wiped off the feeds.

In total, in 24 hours time, FOUR noteworthy California earthquakes were wiped off the feeds.  All claimed to be “mistakes”.  No news reports on the 4.7M other than a single RSS list still showing it.

usgs earthquake mistakes too many may 31 2015


In addition to the California wiping, we’ve now come to find out they also wiped off this Australia M4.0 earthquake.

I’m willing to bet the “delete” button on their manila cream colored keyboard is dark black from grime after being pressed so much lately.

5/30/2015 — English Channel Earthquake — Forecast to occur a full day before

A rare earthquake struck AGAIN in the English channel, along the shores of North France.

england 3.0m earthquake may 30 2015

Measuring in at a magnitude 3.0, this event was forecast to occur a full day before it happened.

The forecast for a 4.0M range earthquake in the English channel along the shores of France was issued on May 29, 2015.

One day later, on May 30th, a single 3.0M earthquake struck the English Channel along the shores of France in the exact area warned within 1 magnitude named.

See the forecast calling for ENGLISH CHANNEL movement here:


Speaking of rare England earthquakes, on May 11th I issued an earthquake forecast, which called for a 4.0M to strike England within about a week.

On May 21nd (week and a half after the forecast was issued) England was struck by a VERY RARE 4.0M earthquake in the exact area warned, within the magnitude named.



Worthy to note:  We are just on Day 1 of the current 7 day earthquake forecast

The forecast issued on May 29th called for a very large earthquake to strike Japan, and on May 30th, Japan was hit with a 7.8M (8.5M revised) earthquake.  Struck in the area warned, with the expected large earthquake above 7.0M .

8.5 m earthquake may 30 2015


The forecast issued on May 29th, also called for 3.0M – 4.0M earthquake activity to strike South Illinois, and on May 30th, South Illinois was hit with a very rare 3.4M earthquake.  Struck in the area warned with a very rare earthquake , within the magnitude named.

new madrid may 29 2015


The forecast issued on May 29th,  also called for 3.0M – 4.0M earthquake activity to strike Kansas, and on May 30th Kansas was hit by a 3.9M fracking earthquake.  Struck in the area warned with a rare earthquake, within the magnitude named.

kansas fracking earthquake may 30 2015a



Information on this English Channel / shores of France earthquake from the EMSC:

M 3.0 – FRANCE – 2015-05-30 16:31:47 UTC


Magnitude ML 3.0
Date time 2015-05-30 16:31:47.5 UTC
Location 49.96 N ; 0.46 E
Depth 2 km
Distances 177 km S of City of London, United Kingdom / pop: 7,556,900 / local time: 17:31:47.5 2015-05-30
74 km NW of Rouen, France / pop: 112,787 / local time: 18:31:47.5 2015-05-30
22 km NW of Saint-Valery-en-Caux, France / pop: 5,017 / local time: 18:31:47.5 2015-05-30