5/07/2015 — 7.3 magnitude earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea AGAIN — Tsunami warnings issued

Yet ANOTHER 7.3 magnitude earthquake has struck Papua New Guinea in the West Pacific.

A tsunami warning was issued for areas within 300km of the earthquake.


7.3 m earthquake papua new guinea may 7 2015


This was forecast to occur (12 hours ago May 6, 2015) :

Quote the forecast issued yesterday May 6 2015:

5.0M earthquake deep in the Asthenosphere near Fiji. Depth 381 miles / 613.5km

Watch the adjacent area to the Northwest of this deep earthquake for a follow up larger shallower earthquake.”

5.0 deep asthenosphere may 6 2015

Above: May 6, 2015 – Deep earthquake in the Asthenosphere leads to earthquake forecast being issued for the area NW of the deep earthquake , near Papua New Guinea



Also, a video warning was issued for Papua New Guinea before this whole mess began , issued on May 1 2015:


This large earthquake comes on top of the past weeks 6.9M, 7.2M, and 7.5M earthquakes which struck the same location.

This makes FOUR near 7.0M or greater earthquakes in the past 7 days.


Information on this newest 7.3 magnitude earthquake here:


Tsunami Warning Center

Scientific – Origin

Data Source AT1

Magnitude 7.2 Mi
Location / uncertainty 7.200°S 154.700°E± 0.0 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.0 km± 0.0
Origin Time 2015-05-07 07:10:26.000 UTC
Number of Stations 64
Number of Phases 64
Minimum Distance 433.00 km (3.89°)
Travel Time Residual 1.1 sec
Azimuthal Gap 64.8°
FE Region Bougainville region, Papua New Guinea (193)

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