5/08/2015 — Texas Railroad Commission orders tests on “frack” wells after 4.0M earthquake #winning

After a magnitude 4.0 earthquake strikes the South Dallas / Venus, TX fracking operations, the Texas Railroad Commission now sees the light on fracking earthquakes!

The commission has now ordered the operators of the wells nearby the 4.0 magnitude earthquake to undergo inspections in light of this larger seismic event.

Now I know for certain the fracking earthquake message is being heard by the people who need to hear it most.  #winning

Thanks to all the viewers, and readers who are sharing the information – we are seeing results from your efforts!

(thanks to James Dalek Smith for sharing the news on this)

texas fracking earthquake may 7 2015 4.0

The operators are:

  • Bosque Disposal Systems, LLC
  • EOG Resources, Inc.
  • MetroSaltwater Disposal, Inc.
  • Pinnergy, Ltd.

The TRC (Texas Railroad Commission) is charged with the approval, and permitting of all oil / gas wells in the state of Texas.


Here is my video showing the operations in question:


Quote the Associated Press news release on this TRC order:


“AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Railroad Commission is requiring the operators of five disposal wells near a sharp earthquake to perform some tests.


In a statement Friday, the commission says Bosque (BAHS’-kee) Disposal Systems LLC, EOG Resources Inc., MetroSaltwater Disposal Inc. and Pinnergy Ltd have agreed to shut down the wells temporarily until results are in on the tests, which will be made within days. The testing will help determine the effect of wastewater injection into subsurface rock formations in the area where a 4.0 magnitude earthquake was centered Thursday about 30 miles southwest of Dallas

The quake was the sharpest ever detected in North Texas. It injured no one but caused minor damage to two mobile home foundations.”


Official release from the Texas Railroad Commission:



Up until recently, literally up until this noteworthy 4.0M earthquake, the commission had been in full denial on the relation between earthquakes , and “fracking” / wastewater injection.  We had seen a swarm of earthquakes build to this larger event, which the TRC was warned would happen.

Being the ardent researcher I am, unfortunately I had to call them out publicly, notify my Texas viewers to put pressure on their local officials, and make a public mockery of their denials.

The back and forth began almost 4 months ago:



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