5/10/2015 — New swarm of earthquakes near Japan — major unrest showing signs off shore

Last week a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the shores of Japan, and produced a small tsunami wave.

Today (May 10 2015), another 5.7 magnitude earthquake has struck off the shores of Japan, this time accompanied by a noteworthy (large) swarm of earthquakes to follow the event.

It is troubling to see any noteworthy earthquake swarms along this particular trench / ridge, due to the location of the 9.0M mega-earthquake from 2011 being due North of this new swarm spot.

new japan swarm may 10 2015

Above: May 10, 2015 earthquake swarm location along the Izu trench formation extending Southwards from Japan along the volcanic chain of islands , and underwater volcanoes. Nishinoshima to the South being a location of new island formation, and the 800 year silent volcano now coming to life along the North part of the Izu formation. This means the Izu chain is moving heavily, which is producing rapid new island growth, large earthquakes with uplift causing tsunamis, and dormant volcanoes showing movement to the North part of the ridge.


This movement along the Izu trench is indicative of the pressure showing in the area.

The greater pressure is causing the long silent (800 years dormant) Hakone volcano to show signs of eruption.


There were also ELEVEN different eruptions in South Japan over just 1 days time yesterday at Sakurajima Volcano (May 8-9, 2015):


Rapid land movement is no exaggeration, as we saw 50 feet of movement in ONE DAYS TIME along the coast of Japan just 2 weeks ago.


Also rapid island formation happening at Nishinoshima volcano recently:


Information on the most recent 5.7M earthquake (5.6 revised) from the USGS :

M5.6 – Izu Islands, Japan region


Magnitude / uncertainty 5.6 mb± 0.0
Location / uncertainty 31.247°N 142.375°E± 7.4 km
Depth / uncertainty 18.0 km± 4.5
Origin Time 2015-05-10 21:25:46.540 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 81
Minimum Distance 318.48 km (2.86°)
Travel Time Residual 1.00 sec
Azimuthal Gap 104°
FE Region Izu Islands, Japan region (211)


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