5/10/2015 — Past 10 days of activity globally — forecast area recap from the past week — ACCURACY CHECK

It has been exactly 7 days since my last earthquake update… new video will be out by tomorrow (May 11 2015) covering the next 7 days.

The  previous full forecast was issued on May 1st , which expired on may 8th.  Almost every single area was hit in the exact area warned within the timeframe named.  Other areas named to be SILENT remained silent as expected.

earthquake swarms may 10 2015

The only area which did NOT see the ‘larger’ expected movement was Southern California. Instead we saw near a dozen dormant volcanoes show movement throughout California, and several plume events take place (reported by viewers this time, not caught by me personally).

This dormant volcanic movement, and plume activity is not a forecast hit for me though.. even though all those dormant volcanoes moved, even though LA got hit with a 3.9 + 3.8M earthquake at the fracking operation like we were expected (and was forecast to occur).. I was additionally watching for a near 5.0M to hit between LA and Salton Sea….. thus it is a “miss” on the larger event… instead we saw two different near 4.0M earthquakes and dormant volcanoes move up the coast.

supervolcano may 7 2015

The other internationally named areas across Asia, Central America, the Mideast, and Europe all showed the expected movement in the areas warned.

Some areas received multiple volcanic eruptions instead of large earthquakes — this is something I will need to factor into future forecasts — eruption zones which could also come into play.

We were expecting a large earthquake in the Philippines to Indonesia area.. instead we saw THREE eruptions in one week in the same location — thus the earthquake stress that was expected to show instead showed up as actual large unexpected eruptions.

The 11 eruptions in 1 days time at Sakurajima Volcano / South Japan could easily be counted as the equivalent of 1 single 6.0M earthquake.

11 eruptions japan 1 day may 8 2015




Eruption in Philippines at Mount Bulusan , and eruption at Mount Sinabung + Mount Karangetang in Indonesia… forecast called for a large earthquake to strike in the 6.0 – 7.0M range.

Earthquake near Vietnam in West Indonesia .. 5.9M … forecast called for a 6.0M to strike near Vietnam into Indonesia.

South Japan 800 year dormant volcano coming to life, and 5.7 – 5.9M earthquake with swarm struck… also ELEVEN eruptions in one days time in South Japan at Sakurajima — forecast called for a 6.0M to strike

Multiple 7.0M+ earthquakes struck Papua New Guinea… forecast called for a 7.0M+ to strike Papua New Guinea.

North America:

4.2M earthquake struck Michigan.. forecast called for a 4.0M to strike SE Quebec Canada

4.0M earthquake struck Texas .. forecast called for a 3.0M – 4.0M to strike Texas

2.9M struck Southern Colorado… forecast called for a 3.0M to strike Southern Colorado

3.0M struck at the Idaho Yellowstone Magma chamber… forecast called for a 3.0M – 4.0M to strike at the Idaho Yellowstone Magma chamber

Multiple 3.0M to 3.9M earthquakes struck at the California dormant volcanoes, and fracking operations around Los Angeles… forecast called for 3.0M to 4.0M to strike multiple dormant volcanoes, and for the fracking operations to resume movement.

4.3M struck off the coast of Northern California, and 3.7M struck in Washington State near Mount Baker… forecast called for new 4.0M activity to strike near Washington State, and called for a 4.0M – 5.0M off the West Coast near Northern California.

Central America:

5.7M earthquake struck South Mexico, forecast called for South Mexico to Nicaragua to show a 6.0M+ “large” earthquake.

Costa Rica eruption at Turriabla Volcano occurred in Central america.. forecast called for 6.0M earthquake and new volcanic activity.

South America, just as expected, the eruption at Calbuco relieved the pressure and no large earthquakes occurred in the area around Chile. Forecast called for little / no movement in the South America region.


3.3M earthquake struck North Central Italy, forecast called for 3.0-4.0M earthquake in North Central Italy. 4.7M struck South Italy in addition.

5.0M and subsequent swarm of earthquakes struck at the Turkey Greece border near Crete, 3.9M struck in Turkey directly , forecast called for 5.0M+ activity to strike West of Nepal in Turkey.

Swarm of earthquakes strikes Turkmenistan / Afghanistan border region.. forecast called for new swarms West of Nepal towards Turkey… Turkmenistan is between Turkey and Nepal.


Here is the last update from 7 days ago on May 3rd:


Here is the May 1st forecast:


News on the dormant volcanoes in California:



News on the Michigan 4.2M earthquake on May 2nd:



News on the Texas 4.0M fracking earthquake:




News on the Papua New Guinea Multiple 7.0M+ earthquakes:



News on the eruption at Turriabla Volcano in Costa Rica:



News on the Eruptions at Mount Sinabung, and Mount Karangetang in Indonesia:


News on the Eruption coming in Japan at Mount Hakone after 800 years of silence:



11 eruptions in 1 days time in South Japan at Sakurajima Volcano:



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