5/12/2015 — Past 2 1/2 weeks of Earthquakes and Volcanic activity shows MAJOR unrest

May 12, 2015

This graphic below shows the past 18 days (2 1/2 weeks) of earthquakes 5.7M and greater globally.

major activity past 2 weeks may 12 2015

Clearly the West Pacific is dwarfing the East Pacific in regards to overall earthquake activity, as well as volcanic eruptions.

Over the past 2 weeks we have seen multiple 7.0M+ earthquakes from Papua New Guinea to Nepal, and even more upper 6.0M+ events across Asia.

Compared to the East Pacific, where we’ve seen smaller movement at dormant volcanoes, and a series of Volcanic eruptions along the Pacific plate boundaries (off the Shores of Oregon, also in Nicaragua , Mexico, Costa Rica, and far South America in Chile).



Two earthquake updates were issued yesterday covering the West Pacific, Asia, and even the area around Nepal.

As of May 12, 2015….. there are still 6 full days left in the Earthquake forecast time.

Watch both videos here below:

(Speaking on Nepal in this first video below at about the 20 minute point)


Here is a full website recap of the past 10 days to until last night (May 11 2015):


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