5/13/2015 — :) Freeing a trapped baby rabbit (bunny) in St. Louis City — Moments of Zen :)

It’s the little things in life that matter the most 🙂

This rabbit is now in a nearby rabbit hole (nest), and luckily is big enough to chew on small grasses (survive on its own)… there are at least 4 other adult rabbits nearby in other yards (should find the baby) and we’re watching like hawks for kids, cats, and hawks of course !

bunny saved

We’ve got a whole little ecosystem here around my house since I refuse to use herbicides on the lawn, and also don’t use chemical fertilizers.

Makes the clover and grass taste good, makes the worms in the ground healthy, which attracts birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons , possums, hawks (to feed on the small animals), and even a few snakes !!!!

In South St. Louis CITY ! 🙂

Proof you can be friendly to wildlife in an urban environment if you try.

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