5/15/2015 — Boston Bombing BOMBSHELL — evidence of FAKERY and Photoshopping Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Well, this seals the deal, the Boston Bombing was faked, and photoshopped by the media, and government.

No one carries TWO hats with 7 and 3 on them.

Big whoops on this one.

boston bombing fake

boston bombing fake 1

whoops joker










This means NO ONE died, NO ONE was hurt, NO ONE was really arrested, and NO ONE is being really charged or put in jail.

I suppose this is somewhat “good” news .  However, it is bad news to know that local, and national groups are staging attacks.

Now we know why they’re staging attacks, (given away by the actions of those who staged this event shortly afterwards)… they want to take away most guns, so they can then fully take over, and do horrible things to people without much resistance.


Good catch to Enterthe5t4rs:

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