5/15/2015 — Chrome Brulée = music for a Connoisseur — Much awaited album arrives from Europe

Just received my special delivery music order which shipped out from Belgium Europe!

I’ve got my coffee, and I have my creme — AND now I have some CHROME Brulée…  🙂

chrome bruleee

Above: Unpacking the newest addition to my music collection, I had my CREME brulee on hand already… however the CHROME brulee is much sweeter! The sticker is pretty cool too!


The best album I’ve heard in a long time !

“Chrome Brulee” falls into the classic style of 80’s retro-wave with a  touch of modern day 2015 beat creativity.  Refreshing to listen to, and turns a few heads at the stoplight from other drivers who hear the 1980’s glory 🙂 LOL

The new 2015 release — self titled “Chrome Brulée “….. is highly recommended listening to my adventurous viewers, and readers.

Purchase a copy on Cassette or CD here (yes they have 80’s classic cassette tapes for the real 80’s sound lover, or for your shoulder carry boom box ).

Purchase your own here (comes with a  sticker too) :



2015 album teaser:

Example of prior work:


Check out my music playlist for other old school, and new school outside the box listening:

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