5/20/2015 — 6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes West Pacific – Papua New Guinea

The area East of Papua New Guinea has been hit with another large 7.0M (6.9 magnitude) earthquake.   Striking the Santa Cruz / Soloman Islands region located West of Fiji.

This large earthquake was expected to occur after the multiple deep earthquakes over the past 7 days across the area.

7.0 png may 20 2015


A forecast warning was issued again for Papua New Guinea (East of PNG) 5 days ago:


quote the warning issued on May 14th, 2015 after a series of NEW deep earthquakes struck.

A noteworthy series of deep asthenosphere earthquakes has now occurred across the West Pacific (seen raised high off the globe in this graphic).

The deep earthquakes are now displacing the shallow areas above the events…. which means we need to watch the center of this “triangle” of deep earthquakes, and to the West / Northwest of this triangle.

Above: May 14, 2015 graphic issued along with the warning for the area EAST of Papua New Guinea, and WEST of Fiji.. (soloman islands region). Area warned for a possible additional 7.0M in the next 7 days. Day six of the new warning , struck with a 6.9 magnitude.

This leads us back to the two areas we are already watching.. Papua New Guinea (yet again), and the Northwest Pacific near Japan to Taiwan. Keep watch for a shallow large earthquake as a result of this deep smaller movement.

The deep movement displaces the area above and to the West/Northwest of the deep movement epicenter.

Also, still watching for a large compensation earthquake in Kamchatka / Kuril islands to make up for all the activity to the South over the past week to 2 weeks. (four different 7.0M+ earthquakes in Papua New Guinea over the past week).



Scientific – Origin

Data Source PT1

Magnitude 6.9 Mi
Location 10.814°S 164.214°E
Depth 10.7 km
Origin Time 2015-05-20 22:48:53.000 UTC
Number of Stations 14
Number of Phases
Minimum Distance
Travel Time Residual
Azimuthal Gap 208.7999832960013363198930944085524°
FE Region Santa Cruz Islands region (183)


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