5/21/2015 — Global Earthquake Forecast and update — Volcanic seismic unrest showing


The West coast of the United States is showing multiple dormant volcanic earthquakes , as well as a new oil pipeline rupture along the coast of Santa Barbara (South California).

Internationally,  this forecast is mainly focusing a new look on Taiwan.  Specifically, keep watch South of Japan going into North Philippines.

past 7 days of earthquake major unrest may 19 2015

May 19, 2015 past 7 days of 4.0M+ earthquakes internationally, and 2.5M+ in the United States shows major unrest taking place over the past 7 days.


Also, now we’re on serious watch along the Coast of the Pacific Northwest , Washington State to BC… since it did NOT move this past week as expected, movement should occur over the next 7 days.

In addition to the area North of the United States, we are now watching SOUTH of Baja California near Mexico City for a possible large earthquake, sure hope I’m wrong on that.

Turkey and Greece.. keep watch for 6.0M+ earthquake activity.

New volcanic eruptions should pop off in Chile again.. and a large earthquake should strike Colombia into Panama (above 6.0M)

East coast United States now needs to be on SERIOUS watch for either a swarm of earthquakes , or a single larger event from Virginia North along the edge of the Craton to South Quebec / New Brunswick. Could either be a series of smaller swarms, or a single event that gets everyones attention (above 4.0M).

Texas.. Oklahoma, Kansas…. you can expect the swarms to spread across the Texas craton edge… Oklahoma + Kansas.. due for mid-upper 4.0M earthquakes that should shake everything up. Keep watch.

Far West Pacific, watch the asthenosphere movement for any additional activity, watch for more unexpected eruptive volcanic blasts in the West Pacific as well.


Download a copy of earthquake 3D here:



Very odd geologic steam plume event across the West coast captured by tatoott1009:


Salton Sea California volcanic swarm:



Oil pipeline rupture near Los Angeles CA:



Swarm of earthquakes in Los Angeles due East of Oil Pipeline rupture:



New Yellowstone magma chamber activity:



Mount Hood Oregon dormant volcano earthquake:



Glacier Peak dormant volcano earthquake:



Two Sisters (Twin Peaks) dormant volcano earthquake:



Mammoth Mountain dormant volcano earthquake:



Markagunt Plateau volcano earthquake:



Bitner Butte volcano earthquake:



New eruption off the coast of Oregon:


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