5/22/2015 — Deep Earthquake in the Asthenosphere = watch for shallow larger movement nearby

Another deep earthquake has occurred in the Asthenosphere below Fiji.  This event measured 4.7 magnitude, and occurred at a depth of 410 km / 254 miles.

asthenosphere earthquake may 22 2015


This means another large event should be coming in the Papua New Guinea region in the next few days.

I have explained the asthenosphere movement in the past, showing the connection between deep movement, and shallow larger movement which occurs shortly after the deep activity takes place.

Summed up, the “asthenosphere” is a fancy name for a deep layer of the Earth which is made up of semi-melted magma.  The layers of the Earth below the crusts go from superheated, to fully melted as we look towards the core of the Earth.

The Asthenosphere is a viscous semi-melted region , between 100-400 miles depth, which causes movement on the crusts of the plates directly above it.

See the video explanation here:


Taking the information in the video above into consideration, we need to watch the area to the Northwest of the deep movement, for shallow larger movement in the next few days.

The area to the Northwest of Fiji is Eastern PNG, and the Soloman Islands.  Thus, all the previous deep earthquakes in Fiji have led to the current large swarm of events in Papua New Guinea.

Seeing at least FIVE shallow large 7.0M earthquakes near PNG + the Soloman islands should be no surprise since there have been over a  dozen deep earthquakes below Fiji over the past few weeks.


Compare the deeper (smaller) earthquakes in graphic 1 to the shallow larger earthquakes in graphic 2.  The depth is indicated by the height off the globe.

The higher the earthquake is raised off the globe, the deeper it is into the Earth.

Graphic #1

asthenosphere earthquakes may 22 2015

Graphic #2

asthenosphere earthquakes may 22 2015a


Worthy to note that each large shallow earthquake was PRECEDED by one (or a series of) deep earthquakes in the Asthenosphere in the nearby adjacent area around Fiji.

This does not change much in the current earthquake forecast for the region over the next 6 days.  We are still watching near Papua New Guinea – now we can add in another 4.7M deep earthquake, which means at least a mid 6.0M earthquake should strike the same general area of Eastern Papua New Guinea in the next 2-3 days.

See the current earthquake forecast here:


Information on this 4.7M in Fiji from the USGS:

M4.7 – South of the Fiji Islands


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.7 mb± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 24.872°S 179.160°W± 13.7 km
Depth / uncertainty 410.7 km± 9.3
Origin Time 2015-05-23 03:04:51.660 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 54
Minimum Distance 500.04 km (4.49°)
Travel Time Residual 1.04 sec
Azimuthal Gap 114°
FE Region South of the Fiji Islands (171)


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