5/24/2015 — Washington State earthquake near Glacier Peak Volcano — Global Unrest showing

An earthquake has struck in Washington State near Glacier Peak Volcano.

While a small event in magnitude, this is a sign of a much greater seismic unrest situation panning out now across the whole region of the West coast.

glacier peak earthquake may 24 2015


See the most recent earthquake forecast which covers the Pacific Northwest, and what we should expect going forward this week.

The Pacific Northwest is in an obvious state of flux, along with the whole of the West coast (at the moment).  The greater global earthquake unrest is showing up at multiple dormant volcanoes across the Western United States.


I made a full website post a few days ago regarding Glacier Peak having new monitoring equipment installed by the USGS to watch for possible signs of eruption.  Now we see an earthquake strike the same general area.

Just a few days ago, before this new volcanic earthquake movement began, we were already seeing multiple volcanic earthquakes show activity up the whole of the West coast of the United States.

This earthquake near Glacier Peak follows a series of other volcanic related earthquakes over the past week(s).



There’s an ancient (dormant) butte volcano at the location of the Las Vegas, Nevada Earthquake.  Coordinates of the epicenter are: 37°17’31.19″N , 114°39’18.23″W .

If you look at the sides of the mesa, you can make out the old undersea lava flows from the small Butte volcano there.


old butte nevada may 22 2015

Clearly this Nevada volcanic butte is VERY old since no water has been over Nevada in millions of years.


A huge volcanic complex – Agua Nueva – at the Texas / Mexico border (near Fort Stockton TX).


mexico may 14 2015 earthquake


Mount Hood volcano, and Two Sisters Twin Peaks volcanoes in Oregon.




mount hood volcano earthquake 3.3 may 15 2015

twin peaks earthquake may 18 2015


Glacier Peak volcano, and Mount Baker volcano in Washington State.



glacier peak may 15 2015

mount baker earthquake may 7 2015


Mammoth Mountain volcano, Mono Lake volcano, Inyo Craters, Mount Shasta volcano , Crater Mountain, and Salton Sea Volcano in California





salton sea volcanic buttes

mammoth mountain may 15 2015 earthquake 3.2m

mammoth mountain mono lake earthquake may 7 2015

dormant volcano may 10 2015

dormant butte hawthore nevada earthquake volcano may 5 2015


Markagunt Volcanic Plateau in Utah.


markagunt utah earthquake may 15 2015


Yellowstone volcano in Wyoming / Idaho.


yellowstone earthquake may 18 2015


Bitner Butte volcano (in NW Nevada), and this Unnamed butte volcano in Southeast Nevada.



nevada bitner butte may 7 2015 earthquake

old butte nevada may 22 2015


Finally, the new ongoing eruption off the coast of Oregon at the Axial Seamount volcano…… All happened in the past 2 weeks.



Information on this current 2.7M earthquake in Washington state, 40 miles from Glacier Peak Volcano:

Magnitude / uncertainty 2.7 md± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 47.831°N 121.904°W± 0.3 km
Depth / uncertainty 18.7 km± 0.8
Origin Time 2015-05-24 09:21:34.990 UTC
Number of Stations 88
Number of Phases 87
Minimum Distance 9.75 km (0.09°)
Travel Time Residual 0.26 sec
Azimuthal Gap 38°
FE Region Puget Sound region, Washington (29)


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