5/24/2015 — Yellowstone / Grand Teton Hiking Trails closed — Officially blamed on “Weather”

Hiking trails around Yellowstone, and parts of the Grand Teton preserves are now off limits to hikers.

These trail closures around the worlds most famous Supervolcano are being blamed on “the weather”,  and “rain” causing trail damage?  Take it for what you will, in light of the OTHER activity we know is going on, this story below might make a bit more sense.

Over the past 3 days there has been an ongoing (and growing) volcanic steam plume event covering multiple states.

You’ve got to ask yourself, why would a closed hiking trail at a national park make INTERNATIONAL news ?  Cover story?

plume event may 21 through 24th 2015 nevada idaho

Above: Screenshot from the below videos showing a large multi-state volcanic related steam plume event occurring across Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state, Oregon, and California. Erupting each day for the past several days — also seeing large earthquakes in these areas as the steam plumes have been erupting.


The trail closures could just be coincidence, but with the large eruption of steam captured yesterday across Idaho and Wyoming (seen in the 1st video below), it is not too far of a reach to put these events together as being possibly related.

These below videos were captured by youtube video maker tatoott1009:  http://www.tatoott1009.com

May 21, 2015:


May 22, 2015:


May 23, 2015:


Main stream media report on the trails being closed due to “weather”:

Popular Yellowstone and Grand Teton trails closed for now


“JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) — Two of the most heavily used day-hiking routes in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks in northwest Wyoming are closed for the time being because of weather damage and maintenance.


In Yellowstone, the iconic Brink of the Lower Falls trail is closed in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone because of a mud and rock slide that deposited a 7-by-8-foot boulder on the route, effectively blocking the path.

In Grand Teton, the trail beyond Hidden Falls to Inspiration Point is closed and being rerouted so crews can replace bridges over Cascade Creek and rebuild the rocky ledge trails and steps that lead up to the popular Jenny Lake overlook.

Work can’t begin to remove the enormous rock on the Brink of the Lower Falls trail in Yellowstone because of wet weather, Yellowstone spokeswoman Traci Weaver said Thursday.

“It’s closed until further notice,” she said, “until we get a drying trend and are able to get in there and deal with it.”

Because of the trail’s location in the Yellowstone River canyon, dynamiting the boulder would be unsafe, Weaver told the Jackson Hole News & Guide (http://bit.ly/1Q3d9j3).

The Brink of the Lower Falls trail, which leads hikers to a perch right above the 308-foot waterfall, may end up being rerouted, she said.

The trail work on the west shore of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton is more of a long-term situation, and the half-mile stretch leading up to Inspiration Point will be closed for “most of the hiking season,” according to the National Park Service.

Destinations up Cascade Canyon are also affected.

Those trails are “the most popular and highly used” in Grand Teton, the Park Service says.

Park staffers have erected signs on Jenny Lake’s west shore to direct people to alternative routes to Hidden Falls, Inspiration Point and Cascade Canyon.

The customary route from the Jenny Lake west shore boat dock to Hidden Falls remains open, but hikers will find themselves at a dead end at the falls.

This summer trail crews will also work on Jenny Lake’s southwest shore trail, which will be closed until early July.

Hikers can take a parallel trail that rises above the lake shore.

The trail work is part of a $17 million effort to repair and renovate many facets of the Jenny Lake area. Some features of the area date back to the 1930s.”


Recently, new measurements were done underneath the Yellowstone supervolcano caldera.  Using ground penetrating RADAR, geologists were able to “image” the upper, and lower Yellowstone magma chambers.


Above: May 2015 measurements of the Yellowstone magma chambers show three different structures below the actual park. These chambers extend far into Idaho + Montana. Orange is the top chamber, large in its own right, Red is the middle chamber which feeds the upper chamber during times of eruption, Yellow is the newest discovery, showing over 11,500 cubic miles of magma feeding the upper chambers. The lowest chamber is gargantuan, literally “giant” in size.


The new findings were released at the start of May, 2015.   The new measurements indicate that the upper magma chamber for the famous supervolcano extends far West into Idaho, and the lower portion of the magma chamber reaches as far North as the Montana Idaho Norther border.

Total amounts of magma in the chamber below Yellowstone are now estimated to be over 11,500 cubic miles, or approximately 11+ GRAND CANYONS FULL of melted (and semi-melted) rock.

Video on the new measurements of Yellowstone:


Overall, this Yellowstone trail closure story is strange to see pop up in my international news feed.

Thus my post here today.  This is another event we need to pay attention to , just in case.

See the most recent earthquake forecast covering these areas in question:


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