5/29/2015 — “Mistaken” 8.5M earthquake in Peru- Deleted , called a “national drill” and a “mistake”

After a 6.8M earthquake struck in Alaska this morning (May 29, 2015) we saw a 5.1M earthquake strike Northern California at the Trinity Lake Dam located near Mount Shasta California.

california 5.1m earthquake may 29 2015

The USGS deleted the 5.1M earthquake, and called it a “mistake”.

Move forward a few hours today, and I issued an earthquake forecast .  In the earthquake forecast , I called for 7.0M to 8.0M earthquake activity to possibly strike near Peru / Argentina / Boliva over the next 7 days.

Watch the earthquake forecast here:


Now, things get really weird…… a few hours after I issued the forecast calling for a 7.0M – 8.0M earthquake for South America… the USGS (and several other services) reported an 8.5 magnitude earthquake in Peru!

They then deleted the earthquake, and called it a “mistake”, and a “national earthquake drill”.


Worthy to note, a location, time, depth, and magnitude were all recorded, then deleted…. the location was out to sea several hundred miles off the shores of Peru.

Was it really a planned drill, that’s what they say, so we have to take it for what it is.




Magnitude: 8.5 Mw
Epicenter: South Pacific Ocean (90 Km Oeste de la Punta-Lima)
Depth: 24.9mi
Time: May 29, 2015, 1:00 PM (PDT)
cCoordinates: -12°03’36” -77°58’48”



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