5/30/2015 — Very Large 8.5M earthquake strikes near Japan – Bonin Islands (7.8M revised)

Video report here:


A very large 8.5 magnitude earthquake has struck Southeast of mainland Japan in the Bonin Island region.  (downgraded to 7.8M)

8.5 m earthquake may 30 2015

This earthquake occurred at a depth of 696km / 432 miles, which falls deep into the Asthenosphere below the Pacific plate.

Worthy to note that an earthquake forecast was issued for Japan YESTERDAY, giving full warning of a very large event coming this week.

Warning issued yesterday, 8.5M strikes today.

See the full forecast for Japan here:


Information on this event from the USGS:


Magnitude 8.5 Mi
Location 27.900°N 140.800°E
Depth 696.0 km
Origin Time 2015-05-30 11:23:00.000 UTC
Number of Stations 0
Number of Phases
Minimum Distance
Travel Time Residual
Azimuthal Gap 100.7999919360006451199483904041288°
FE Region Bonin Islands, Japan region (212)


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