6/02/2015 — Extremely deep 4.9M earthquake near Japan 7.8M epicenter location

An extremely deep magnitude 4.9 earthquake has occurred near the original large Japan 8.5M (7.8 magnitude revised) earthquake epicenter.

deep japan earthquake june 2 2015

Measuring at a depth of 428 miles / 690km, this earthquake is one of the deeper earthquakes to occur in the recent past… just a few miles less the original Japan 8.5M event (which itself was very deep).

The area below the Pacific plate, where these earthquakes are occurring, is called the Asthenosphere.  A deep layer of semi-melted magma, on which the plates rest atop.



At the start of this year (2015), scientists in New Zealand set out to do new tests / experiments on the Asthenosphere in order to determine the effect of deeper earthquakes on surrounding areas.

The findings determined something we’ve known (via research and reporting) for a fairly long time — deep earthquakes cause shallow larger earthquakes in nearby adjacent areas within days (or less) of the deep event occurring.

The shallow earthquakes are usually 1-2 magnitudes higher than the deep earthquakes, and usually strike at a shallow level to the West / Northwest of the deep epicenter.

Here is the video I made on the subject when the announcements were made in the media regarding the asthenosphere findings:




Information on the 4.9M deep earthquake near Japan from the EMSC.   The USGS feed is not live any more (shut off !):

M 4.9 – BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION – 2015-06-02 21:04:29 UTC


Magnitude mb 4.9
Date time 2015-06-02 21:04:29.1 UTC
Location 27.88 N ; 140.64 E
Depth 690 km
Distances 844 km S of Yokohama-shi, Japan / pop: 3,574,443 / local time: 06:04:29.1 2015-06-03
816 km S of Shizuoka-shi, Japan / pop: 701,561 / local time: 06:04:29.1 2015-06-03




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