6/05/2015 — Arizona Volcano Plumes – SMOKING GUN COVERUP – Geologists INVESTIGATING Sunset Crater SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE

A strange plume event was seen on Visible Satellite imagery coming from Sunset Crater volcanic complex in Central Arizona.


Main stream media has come out in full denial, referencing my website, my name, and referring to me in a disparaging way.

In the process of their denials, someone slipped up while doing the coverup game, and really spilled the beans in no uncertain terms.


There is one story that appeared which referenced my full name “Mike Janitch”.  That caught my eye in the keywords, so I clicked on the link.

When I tried to pull up the story… got an “error 404” forbidden access!


I did a backend internet search, and found the original article in google cache 🙂 …. this lead me to a SMOKING GUN ADMISSION which is surely the reason they deleted the article.

“But National Park Service staff at Sunset Crater National Monument have investigated the area over the past several days and no one has seen any sign of eruption from the cinder cone volcano”

Wait just one second!

How could they be OUT THERE INVESTIGATING THE AREA FOR PLUMES FOR SEVERAL DAYS when the event just happened yesterday morning?!

Why were they out there investigating over the past several days eh?!

No one would be out ‘investigating’ unless there was something to investigate, right?!

Investigating Sunset Crater Complex days before my video?    Hmm..

Screenshot of the article from Google Cache:

smoking gun caught june 5 2015

sunset crater steaming plumes june 3 2015

Above: Screenshot of the plume event on June 3, 2015 which occurred from Sunset Crater volcanic complex / San Francisco Vallley in Central Arizona


Full story from AZsun . com here:


“A video showing a wisp of something white over Sunset Crater has set off a storm of social media speculation about whether the 900-year-old volcano may be coming to life again. Unfortunately for those hoping to experience volcanic activity near Flagstaff, there’s no evidence that any sort of eruption occurred at the site, according to National Park Service officials, the director of the Arizona Earthquake Information Center and a former U.S. Geological Survey and Northern Arizona University volcano researcher.

The video was posted June 3 on a website called “Dutchsinse.” According to the site, it covers earth changes and is maintained by Mike Janitch, who calls himself an independent researcher and scientist from St. Louis.

A caption above the video said that “visible satellite images are showing that some form of steaming plume event occurred this morning from the long dormant Sunset Crater Volcanic Complex located in Central Arizona.”

But National Park Service staff at Sunset Crater National Monument have investigated the area over the past several days and no one has seen any sign of eruption from the cinder cone volcano, said Paul Whitefield, natural resource specialist and lead for geologic sciences at the Flagstaff Area National Monuments.

“Local cinder cones are created by a one-time eruption event and are not known to erupt more than once,” the National Park Service said in a press release about the issue.

Sunset Crater Volcano erupted about 900 years ago, making it the youngest cinder cone among the more than 600 volcanoes in the San Francisco Volcanic Field, according to the Park Service.

While the Park Service called the Sunset Crater Volcano an extinct cinder cone, many other geologists would call the volcano “temporarily asleep” because it erupted relatively recently in geologic time, said Wendell Duffield, a retired U.S. Geological Survey researcher and former professor of geology at NAU. Duffield didn’t completely rule out the possibility of Sunset Crater erupting again, but if that happened “the ground would be shaking,” he said.

The Arizona Earthquake Information Center hasn’t registered any seismic activity near the Sunset Crater area that could be related to volcanism, said Dave Brumbaugh, the center’s director.

Brumbaugh and Whitefield said what showed up on the satellite image could have been smoke from prescribed burning that was happening that day near A-1 Mountain west of Flagstaff.

Whitefield said it also could be high wispy cloud cover passing over the area or windblown dust from a county-led project to construct large retention basins on the west side of U.S. Highway 89 as part of the Schultz Fire flood mitigation project.

“I would say the source isn’t all that reputable” Whitefield said. “I hope we can put this one to rest.”


Other media reports denying anything is happening at all here:

They bring up the NOAA GOES Visible satellite, and call it into question!  Even going so far as to say that the feed is “black and white” and “false”.

The sheer stupidity of complaining about the NOAA GOES visible satellite as being “black and white” goes beyond mentioning.   The profound abject epic fail comes into view when you read see one media outlet call the satellite feed FALSE (like I can fake a live feed from an .edu and government satellite?!).


I am showing our US CONUS live streaming satellite, everyone uses it, it’s all we have on a minute by minute basis real time easy access.  It is used on every weather site, including the National Weather Service, also including these local news stations reporting on this event – they use the same feed I’m showing.






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