6/05/2015 — National Park Service (NPS) issues PRESS RELEASE regarding Arizona Volcano Plumes / Dutchsinse report

A strange plume was seen coming from Sunset Crater volcanic complex in Central Arizona (Northeast of Flagstaff, AZ).

These plumes were seen on Visible Satellite Imagery from the NOAA GOES “visible clouds” feed.


Now, the National Park Service, as well as the main stream media, have come out in full denial, even issuing a press release.

This reminds me of 2011 all over again, when the USGS issued a press release response to my videos on a volcanic plume in Southern California at Pisgah Craters.

It’s not too often that youtube video makers get public responses from Government agencies, and main stream media outlets.


Full press release from the NPS below:


NPS Response to Sunset Crater Eruption Claim

Date: June 4, 2015
Contact: Cecilia Shields, (928) xxxxxxx

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Response to Claims of New Eruption

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA –The National Park Service has received numerous inquiries about the possibility of current volcanic activity at Sunset Crater Volcano. The internet source of the purported eruption is based upon a black and white satellite image. The report is not from an academic source or part a scientific agency, such as the United States Geological Survey. Furthermore, no activity has been observed on the ground by park rangers staffing the National Monument.
Sunset Crater Volcano, part of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, is an extinct cinder cone. Local cinder cones are created by a one-time eruption event and are not known to erupt more than once. Sunset Crater Volcano erupted over 900 years ago, making it the youngest cinder cone in a field of over 600 volcanoes. It is now extinct, and not anticipated to erupt again.
According to many geologists, the San Francisco Volcanic Field is still considered to be active, so it’s possible that an eruption could occur during the next 1,000 to 5,000 years somewhere east of Flagstaff, Arizona. Come visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument to see for yourself and learn more about your park.


The National Park Service , and the main stream media — just like in 2011, taking the time to address a video on youtube, or a website post just because it’s trending on social media?!

To add insult to ignorance, they’re trying to say that I think an ERUPTION is going to take place.  SMH.  Guess they didn’t read to the bottom of the post they’re slamming…. clearly it says I think the threat of a larger EARTHQUAKE is showing, not for an eruption.  LOL@ that screwup on their part.

Meanwhile, we’ve got the media saying that Geologists have been investigating out at Sunset Crater for the past several days.

What was that again?!

Investigating at Sunset Crater for the past ‘several days’?

Why would they be out in the craters ‘investigating’ for the past several days, when I just made my video a day ago?!

Why are they out there ‘investigating’ days before the plume appeared?

Somethings not right here!

sunset crater steaming plumes june 3 2015

Above: Screenshots of the plume seen on Visible Satellite feed, and the location of the plume seen via Google Earth



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