6/05/2015 — Rare magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes North France / English Channel — FORECAST AREA HIT!

A very rare magnitude 4.2 earthquake has struck in North France, along the English channel.

A forecast was issued for North France to be hit with a 4.0M+ earthquake this week (forecast issued on May 29th).  Today, June 5, 2015, a very rare 4.2M earthquake struck the area warned.

france 4.2 earthquake june 5 2015


On May 29th, I issued a full earthquake forecast for the region, specifically calling for a 4.0M+ earthquake to occur in North France at about 10 minutes into this video:


For some reason, the USGS is not reporting this event, even though it is an international earthquake over 4.0 magnitude.

M 4.2 – FRANCE – 2015-06-04 19:24:38 UTC


Magnitude ML 4.2
Date time 2015-06-04 19:24:38.6 UTC
Location 49.95 N ; 0.42 E
Depth 2 km
Distances 178 km S of City of London, United Kingdom / pop: 7,556,900 / local time: 20:24:38.6 2015-06-04
75 km NW of Rouen, France / pop: 112,787 / local time: 21:24:38.6 2015-06-04
22 km N of Fécamp, France / pop: 22,003 / local time: 21:24:38.6 2015-06-04

Source parameters reviewed by a seismologist


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