6/05/2015 — Siberia Russia / China Border hit by earthquake after months of silence — FORECAST AREA HIT

A noteworthy (and rather rare) magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck Siberia Russia near the China Border.

The USGS is not reporting this earthquake.   Just like the USGS is not reporting  the rare 4.2M earthquake which just struck in North France today (also forecast to occur this past week).

siberia russia earthquake june 5 2015


This area at the Siberia / China border was warned for movement  after the deep asthenosphere earthquake activity 3 days ago in Japan.

In my update 3 days ago, it was specifically said to watch the area West of Japan (towards the Russia / China border).  Now the area at the Russia / China border is hit by a 5.0M after months of silence.

I wonder why the USGS is omitting almost every earthquake named in the earthquake forecast 7 days ago on May 29th?

hmm….. very odd….. what are the chances ?!  SMH + a real life facepalm at this (intentional?) data omission.


Information on the Siberia Russia magnitude 5.0 from the Europeans (EMSC):


M 5.0 – SOUTHWESTERN SIBERIA, RUSSIA – 2015-06-04 21:50:53 UTC

Magnitude M 5.0
Date time 2015-06-04 21:50:53.3 UTC
Location 53.33 N ; 95.62 E
Depth 2 km
Distances 848 km E of Novosibirsk, Russia / pop: 1,419,007 / local time: 03:50:53.3 2015-06-05
198 km NE of Kyzyl, Russia / pop: 108,240 / local time: 04:50:53.3 2015-06-05
101 km N of Toora-Khem, Russia / pop: 2,214 / local time: 04:50:53.3 2015-06-05


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