6/11/2015 — Earthquake Forecast and Global Overview of events — Next 7 day seismic outlook


Video report here:

The above video covers the Global seismic forecast outlook for the next 7 days.


After the past month of excessive earthquake activity showing over 20 events above M6.0 over the past 30 days….. the past 3 days saw a dramatic “silencing off” of events, now followed over the past 24 hours (up to June 10, 2015) by a new series of deep earthquakes in Fiji, as well as unrest showing in South America (Chile / Argentina border) with a 6.0M event.

West Pacific showing multiple events as well, including the new large eruption threat at Sinabung Volcano, and Toba super-volcano.

Check my free access website , youtube, and facebook pages throughout the week for daily updates on the areas hit vs. the areas missed.


global forecast june 10 2015


Detailed text explanation of areas to watch here:


See the post on the Toba Supervolcano / Sinabung Volcano here:


85+ blasts at Sakurajima volcano in South Japan in just one days time:


National Park Service / US Government issues response + press release about the plume in Arizona at the Sunset Crater volcanic complex:


Volcano located off the West Coast of Oregon very close to the recent 5.9 magnitude earthquake swarm:

Mount Saint Helens earthquake:



Midwest Fracking Earthquakes return to Kansas and Oklahoma:



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