6/19/2015 — Large Mid-Pacific M6.1 Earthquake — rare event goes UNREPORTED by the USGS

A rare central Pacific magnitude 6.1 earthquake has struck.

The USGS is not reporting the event (yet) .. even though it has been several hours since the earthquake occurred.

pacific 6.1 earthquake usgs does not report june 19 2015


Information from the European service EMSC:

M 6.1 – NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN – 2015-06-19 14:51:17 UTC


Magnitude M 6.1
Date time 2015-06-19 14:51:17.1 UTC
Location 24.70 N ; 171.54 E
Depth 10 km
Distances 1949 km N of Majuro, Marshall Islands / pop: 25,400 / local time: 02:51:17.1 2015-06-20
2591 km N of Tarawa, Kiribati / pop: 40,311 / local time: 02:51:17.1 2015-06-20
2890 km NE of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands / pop: 48,220 / local time: 00:51:17.1 2015-06-20


Clearly the USGS is not reporting this event.

Here is a screenshot of the feed, and the program I personally use.. both the USGS website feed of worldwide M2.5+ earthquakes, and the regular feeds everyone uses for apps/programs.

No information yet on this rare M6.1 event.  Wonder why?

usgs does not report 6.1 earthquake june 19 2015a usgs does not report 6.1 earthquake june 19 2015


The last time we saw an earthquake at this location of any noteworthy magnitude was in December 2012, when President Obama visited Hawaii, and at the time the EVENT WAS NOT REPORTED BY THE USGS!

That earthquake was a strange event indeed….now we see this earthquake go on the omitted / delayed list by the USGS.

Very odd indeed.

Here is my post from the M6.4 which struck on December 27, 2012 , which is still up on facebook:

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