6/20/2015 — Japan Volcano Warning — Mount Shindake could erupt again in another large blast

Three weeks ago, at the end of May (2015), a large unexpected volcanic blast occurred at Mount Shindake in Japan.

The volcano sent off a massive eruption of ash, forcing locals to suddenly evacuate.

Video of the May 28-29, 2015 eruption here:


Word is now coming out of Japan that authorities are concerned another large blast might occur from Mount Shindake.

Full report here:

Japan’s Meteorological Agency Warns Shindake Volcano May Erupt Again

“Volcano Shindake, located at the center of Japan’s southern island of Kuchinoerabu-jima, has been showing signs of activity for the second day in a row, following a 20-day pause after a major eruption, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) said Friday.

An ash spew began Thursday and lasted for about 30 minutes. The following day, the volcano ejected smoke and ashes some 200 meters (656 feet) into the air, the agency said.JMA warned of the possibility of an eruption.

On May 29, Shindake erupted, prompting an evacuation of about 140 residents. The agency had raised the volcano alert level to five, the highest on its scale.

The Kuchinoerabu-jima island, part of the Kagoshima Prefecture, is situated some 70 miles away from Japan’s southern coast. The island can only be reached by boat or ferry, which runs between Kuchinoerabu-jima and Yakushima islands.”


Volcano erupts again on Kuchinoerabu Island: weather agency


Kuchinoerabu Island in Kagoshima Prefecture is pictured in this webcam image taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Kuchinoerabu Island in Kagoshima Prefecture is pictured in this webcam image taken by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

“YAKUSHIMA, Kagoshima — Mount Shindake, a volcano on Kuchinoerabu Island, erupted on June 18, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) announced.

No one was believed to be on the island in Kagoshima Prefecture when the 626-meter volcano erupted, as all residents were evacuated following earlier eruptions of Mount Shindake in late May, according to the Yakushima Municipal Government.

According to the JMA’s Fukuoka Regional Headquarters, the agency earlier determined that the volcano likely erupted based on data from seismometers and other measurements.”

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