6/24/2015 — Coast of Alaska hit by M6.2 Earthquake (5.8 revised) — Forecast to occur / Area hit as expected

A noteworthy magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck along the shores of Alaska.

(originally recorded as M5.7-  upgraded to M6.2 – now downgraded to M5.8)

6.2m alaska earthquake june 24 2015

After a period of lesser earthquake activity spanning weeks (only measuring in the 3.0 – 4.0 range) now we see the expected larger seismic activity strike the area which was warned.

Yes, this area was WARNED for movement to occur almost 2 full days before the earthquake hit.

The coast of Alaska was warned for larger earthquake activity to return in the most recent earthquake forecast issued on June 22-23, 2015.

See the earthquake forecast calling for Alaska coast activity to resume here:


Information on this M6.2 (5.7 revised) earthquake from the USGS:

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