6/28/2015 — Another SpaceX rocket Explosion = New elite fireworks company for the rich + powerful

Another rocket explosion from SpaceX.

From the SpaceX fireworks Mega Store?! 🙂 lol !

spacex explosions

Soon to be EX-space company if things keep going this way.

In all seriousness, thank God that no live cargo has been on any of these rocket launches by SpaceX.



This whole business , of course, is “rocket science” — all a bit risky, and of course going to happen when you’re testing your rockets, however, I thought they were beyond prototypes — there seems to be something “wrong” with these rockets.

Poor manufacturing?  Poor technical engineering?  Poor software?  Interference from an outside party?

Regardless of the reason behind the explosion, unless SpaceX can manage to get these launches (and landings) right, we’re going to see SpaceX take the walk of shame, and get the big X — as in dropped from future operations.

SpaceX is owned by the “famous” “inventor” Elon Musk.

If Musk’s coming “hyperloop” train is anything like his rockets, you can COUNT ME OUT on riding in a train full of people moving at near the speed of sound through a tube of magnets.

Since the rockets are becoming fireworks, the hyperloop might become the worlds largest shotgun, with humans as the ammunition in the tube/barrel.. and the hyperloop train is the shotgun shell.


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