7/16/2015 — CERN sees the “Pentaquark” for the first time



July 16, 2015

Scientists at the LHC (large hadron collider) / CERN have made a new discovery.  They have observed a rare particle combination (called a “pentaquark”) for the first time.


First.. the actual diagram from CERN .. (left is the assembled 3D “pentaquark” taking the shape of a pentagram – right is the sub-components of the particle(s)



More on Pentaquarks:

“A pentaquark is a hypothetical type of subatomic particle consisting of four quarks and one antiquark bound together.

As quarks have a baryon number of +13, and antiquarks of −13, it would have a total baryon number of 1, thus being classified as an exotic baryon. By contrast, regular baryons (or ‘triquarks’)—which also have a total baryon number of 1—consist of three quarks. The name pentaquark was coined by Harry J. Lipkin in 1987,[1] although the possibility of five-quark particles was identified as early as 1964 when Murray Gell-Mann first postulated the existence of quarks.[2] Although predicted for decades, pentaquarks have proved surprisingly difficult to discover, and some physicists were beginning to suspect that an unknown law of nature forbids their production.[3]

The first claim of pentaquark discovery was recorded at LEPS in Japan in 2003, and several experiments in the mid-2000s also reported discoveries of other pentaquark states.[4] However, others were not able to replicate the LEPS results, and the other pentaquark discoveries were not accepted because of poor data and statistical analysis.[5] On 13 July 2015, the LHCb collaboration at CERN reported results consistent with pentaquark states in the decay of bottom Lambda baryons (Λ0



Here are just a few diagrams to show the overall makeup of a “pentaquark”.

:) Loving the shapes we’re seeing here – undeniable fingerprints of synchronicity :)quite frankly.. I’m not shocked to see pentagrams and pyramids associated with CERN.





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