7/17/2015 — Deep Earthquake below the Pacific Plate in the Asthenosphere — Forecast to occur

Just like the earthquake forecast called for, a new earthquake has struck deep in the Asthenosphere below Fiji in the West Pacific.

deep asthenosphere 5.7 july 17 2015

Measuring at M5.7 (M5.8 revised by the USGS), this noteworthy deep earthquake should lead to new movement in the mid-M6.0 range near Papua New Guinea / Soloman islands over the next few days.

Any time we see deep movement below the plate, we can expect shallow movement (larger earthquakes) to strike nearby the deep earthquake epicenter, ususally a few hundred miles away.


Watch the earthquake forecast which directly called for a new deep earthquake to strike below Fiji near the M6.0 range (upper M5.0).

After nearly TWO WEEKS with no deep movement at this location, we now see the expected movement hit in the exact area warned.


UPDATE 300pm CDT July 17, 2015:

Just after posting this website article…. now another earthquake has struck the OTHER area warned in the Soloman islands!

M5.2 struck the Soloman islands in the exact area warned.

5.2 earthquake july 17 2015

Just as I said in the earthquake forecast video.. the deep earthquake near Fiji WILL THEN cause a shallow followup earthquake in the Soloman Islands.
This has now just occurred.. back to back from each other!



Contrary to popular dogma, earthquakes can indeed be forecast for a depth, magnitude, location, and timeframe to watch.  As demonstrated with this current event, several hours (even days) warning can be issued for an area.


Information on the deep 5.8 magnitude earthquake from the USGS:


Magnitude 5.8 mww
Location/uncertainty 18.081°S 178.199°W± 8.4 km
Depth/uncertainty 535.8 km± 3.6
Origin Time 2015-07-17 18:49:53.790 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 274
Minimum Distance 398.97 km (3.58°)
Travel Time Residual 1.32 sec
Azimuthal Gap 17°
FE Region Fiji region (181)


Information on the 5.2 magnitude earthquake near Soloman Islands/ Papua New Guinea from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 5.1 mb± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 5.503°S 152.060°E± 5.3 km
Depth/uncertainty 45.6 km± 7.6
Origin Time 2015-07-17 19:39:44.680 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 54
Minimum Distance 691.85 km (6.21°)
Travel Time Residual 0.78 sec
Azimuthal Gap 45°
FE Region New Britain region, Papua New Guinea (192)


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