7/19/2015 — West Coast Juan De Fuca fault zone + Oregon Volcanic field earthquake

After a period of silence along the Juan De Fuca fault zone located off the shores of Oregon, a new M3.9 (M3.8 revised) earthquake has struck the region.

earthquake oregon july 19 2015


This movement was expected to occur, as called for in the Earthquake forecast issued 2 days ago (July 17, 2015).

See the forecast calling for renewed movement here:


Worthy to note the volcanic nature of the earthquakes currently taking place off the West coast of the United states.

The location in question is known as the “Cleft Segment”, an active undersea volcanic field.

volcanoes west coast cleft segment


Ironically, a viewer asked me yesterday about my thoughts on West coast earthquake activity.

Here is their question, and my response.



“Travis Ebert said: OK DUTCH….. Give it to us straight !!! Maybe not a prediction but your “GUT” feeling on when the west coast will see a large scale quake ????
My reply:

Dutchsinse I’m thinking a near 6.0 will be striking Oregon / Northern California this week.. if it comes in across the 5.0 range I won’t be shocked.. but upwards of M6.0.

As for a VERY large earthquake, luckily we’ll have at least 1-2 days warning signs prior to any large movement.

The real time we have to watch for a large South California earthquake is AFTER we see multiple dormant volcanoes show multiple 3.0m to 4.0m earthquakes.

If you see multiple upper 3 and 4M earthquakes across EASTERN California.. Nevada.. Utah.. Arizona.. and if you see movement in the 5.0 to 6.0 range in the Pacific Northwest.. those are signs of a coming LARGER event, or movement in South California.

In otherwords, a South California earthquake is always preceded by movement in the region which stands out as “odd” in the days before larger movement occurs.

Also.. we’ll see steam plumes across the West coast at dormant volcanoes as well.

Each time we’ve seen steam plumes .. within 2 weeks AFTER the plumes (usually less than 2 weeks) we see a large West coast Earthquake.

As for the Pacific Northwest, and a large earthquake.. again.. we’ll have warning signs before hand.

In the case of the Pacific Northwest.. the large movement is ALWAYS preceded by deep earthquakes in the West Pacific Asthenosphere.. and other large earthquakes around the Pacific in the 7.0M range.

If you start seeing upper 6.0 and 7.0 earthquakes in the West Pacific, along with Deep earthquakes in the West Pacific.. watch the Juan De Fuca for a possible greater release event..

The last time we saw deep earthquakes (multiple events) in the West Pacific.. and multiple 7.0M earthquakes in the West Pacific.. it was followed by a swarm of earthquakes off the Coast of Oregon. The happened previously in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011.

If you see anything above an 8.0M in the West Pacific.. again.. watch the Pacific Northwest United states for a greater earthquake release along the Juan de Fuca.

Thus, the warning signs for a large West coast earthquake.. whether we’re talking Southern California, or the Pacific Northwest.. both locations depend on movement far away in the West Pacific.

In the 1-2 days leading up to the large West coast movement, we normally see OTHER AREAS on the West coast show activity before the larger seismic release… such as the dormant volcanoes having earthquakes, and the steam plume activity at dormant volcanoes.

If we pay attention to the smaller earthquakes here in the United States.. and if we pay attention to the larger earthquakes internationally.. and.. most importantly if we pay attention to the DEPTH of the earthquakes.. we can then see the building pressure taking place, and appropriately warn the people on the West coast.

I PROMISE that when I do my reporting, I will not inflate my warnings, and will explain the process behind the naming of each area that I warn in my forecasts.

My hope is that other people will start to also keep track of the WHERE WHEN and WHY on each earthquake that stands out as “odd”. The “odd” earthquakes are the giveaway of coming movement.

Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason when it comes to “seismicity”. There is a reason we see dormant volcanoes and fracking operations move BEFORE larger events pop off on the West coast….

Imagine it like this.. building pressure on the West coast spreads out across the North American plate (from the Pacific NW usually).. the “pressure” is coming from the PNW heading towards the East-Southeast.

As the pressure grows, as it tries to spread the inertia of the movement / pressure out evenly across the hodgepodge of the “edge” of the plate…. the weak points begin to release the pressure as much as they can.

The weak points on the edge of the plate are the dormant volcanoes, and drilling operations (and even in some cases deep mining operations).

The weak points across the North American plate act like pressure release valves — they begin moving in the days before a larger earthquake, also they show movement when the PACIFIC PLATE is moving in the West Pacific!!

Eventually, the pressure becomes too great for these pressure release points to handle.. and we see a short “silence” at the release points across the plate . The dormant volcanoes stop moving.. the fracking operation earthquakes die out.. then.. the pressure BACK FILLS TO THE WEST… like a rubberband rebounding the otherway after being stretched and let go.

When the pressure backfills, that’s when the larger movement finally hits, and we see a large West coast earthquake.

The last several times this happened, in 2011, 2012, and 2013… we saw at least one M6.0 along the West coast, even a M7.7 in Vancouver in 2012, or the M6.0 off the coast of Northern California in 2014 (which largely went ignored for some reason).

The mega-quake everyone is worried about will certainly be preceded by a few (at least one) larger event (like Japan in 2011 was hit 3 days before by a 7.2M before the 9.0M hit).

Hope this answers the question. Unfortunately there is not an easy Yes or No to this question. smile emoticon


If you read the whole response above, you’ll see today, just as expected, the pressure “rebounded” to the West coast, and caused an earthquake along the Axial seamount off the Shores of Oregon.

Granted this near M4.0 wasn’t the M6.0 I’m expecting, but then again, we still have more than 5 days left to go in the earthquake forecast.

Several other areas named in the forecast have been hit, including the English Channel (M3.4 / M3.3 earthquake), a Texas fracking earthquake, a M7.0 at the Soloman islands, and a new deep earthquake at Fiji which set this whole thing into motion again.

Information on this earthquake from the USGS: M3.8 – Off the coast of Oregon

M3.8 – Off the coast of Oregon

Magnitude/uncertainty 3.8 mb± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 44.571°N 128.901°W± 11.8 km
Depth/uncertainty 10.0 km± 2.0
Origin Time 2015-07-19 18:46:17.480 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 57
Minimum Distance 445.05 km (4.00°)
Travel Time Residual 0.95 sec
Azimuthal Gap 199°
FE Region Off the coast of Oregon (30)


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