7/24/2015 — West Coast Large Earthquake Threat(s) — USGS says “Any day now”

Full video update here:


Word spreading that professionals are warning of an impending large earthquake along the West coast of the United States.

5.4m south nevada may 22 2015

May 22, 2015 – An unexpected M5.4 earthquake struck North of Las Vegas Nevada at a series of long dormant volcanic buttes , catching the whole area off guard, making international news.


15 hours ago the USGS came out and said that this was a “misquote”, but then fail to give the original quote for context…

They’ve now gone from “any day now” to “next 30 years” !?

This is like saying we have a threat over the next few days … then coming back and saying that was misquoted … that they really meant sometime over the next 10,000 days!

LOL .. smh + epic fail — this is almost as good as the multiple “mistake” earthquakes that happened a few months ago.


The specific area warned is San Francisco California, however Seattle was also recently named by another article circulating from the New Yorker magazine (also quoting professionals worries of a soon coming large seismic event on the West coast).

The above earthquake update video , which was recorded yesterday July 24th, covers these circulating news reports, and the expected earthquake activity over the next several days.

Screenshot of the article circulating the news sites stating that the USGS is saying a large earthquake will strike San Francisco quote “any day now”:



All topics mentioned in the video are linked below:

Warning issued for a large earthquake to strike the West coast near San Francisco California (quote) “Any day now” comes from professionals:


New Yorker article calling for a M9.2 earthquake along the West coast in the near term future:



TV News ticker accidentally shows M9.0 “mega-quake” announcement for San Francisco California on live TV:


Download a copy of earthquake 3D:



Fracking earthquakes return along the edge of the craton in Texas:



Fracking earthquake (M4.4) strikes Oklahoma largest event of the year so far:



M7.0 strikes the Soloman Sea in the West Pacific:



Five Volcanoes erupting at once in Indonesia:


Confirmed rising of the West coast (blamed on the DROUGHT!?)



Yellowstone region rises 2 inches in 4-6 months time, moved 1/2 inch Southeast :



Pacific Northwest magma chambers below volcanoes are repressurizing:



Deep Asthenosphere earthquakes cause shallow larger earthquakes:


North American Craton Volcanism explained:

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