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12/10/2013 — Dutchsinse makes NASDAQ !!

Original video the article is referencing here:



Google’s Awful Changes to YouTube Laid Bare in Nightmarish Tale

Earlier this month, Google ( GOOG ) overhauled YouTube’s comment section — the place where taste, logic, and decency go to die — and integrated Google+ in the hopes that attaching real names would lead to better discussions.

The response from users, however, was far from positive. Users bemoaned the erosion of privacy and the ability to post videos and comments anonymously. (Never mind the fact that any site with a Facebook ( FB ) comment section featuring real names contains just about as much ignorance and hate as your standard YouTube video.) They accused the move of being a blatant attempt to boost Google+ traffic and usage, and complained that the actual implementation of the comment section — wherein awful posts are pushed to the top simply because they have a large number of replies — is one of the worst design decisions Google has ever backed.

But if you thought the recent changes Google made to YouTube were bad before, wait until you hear the harrowing, nightmarish tale of what happened to Michael Janitch, a.k.a dutchsinse, when his account was flagged.

Janitch found himself at the mercy of a major security flaw in Google+, influenced by the company’s push to use real names on the social network. His dutchsinse profile on Google+ was flagged erroneously (and, with a heaping bowl of irony, anonymously) for being an imposter. In cases like these, Google tends to take a “shut down first, never ask questions later” approach and promptly deleted Janitch’s dutchsinse page. However, because his popular YouTube page is tied to that Google+ account, all his videos and subscribers were removed as well.

More than 800 videos and 75,000 subscribers accumulated over the course of three years gone, all because someone flagged his separate Google+ account. His YouTube account, according to Janitch, never received a single strike or violation otherwise.

Janitch wasn’t sent an email from YouTube or Google+ regarding the issue. And despite having his cell phone number tied to both accounts for log-in verification, he didn’t receive a mobile notification either.

Making matters even more Kafkaesque, not only is there absolutely no way to dispute the flag before Google automatically shuts down a profile, there is no official recourse to get your videos back. It took one of Janitch’s inside connections at Google to contact the policy team to restore his YouTube page, his videos, and his subscribers. But that still left Janitch without a means to use his Google+ account on YouTube without going through a confirmation process.

And that confirmation process is pretty horrifying, too.

From Google+, a user who has been flagged as an imposter is taken to a Reinstatement Request page which reads:

Google+ has always been about connecting just the right people. Whether you’re reaching out to an old friend or looking up the business hours of a local store on its Google+ Page, you want to be confident that these profiles and pages really represent who they say they do. We are concerned that your Google+ Page is impersonating another person or entity. In order to keep Google+ safe, we need to verify some information about your page.
From there, you identify the profile as either an individual or business, and then you’re taken to a form to confirm your identity.

How do you confirm your identity? A photo ID.

Proving that online anonymity has fully eroded on YouTube, Janitch was forced to send a copy of his passport to prove his identity. However, bear in mind, the Google+ profile was for “dutchsinse,” not Michael Janitch. Obviously, the name “dutchsinse” doesn’t appear anywhere on Janitch’s passport, so there was no simple way for him to confirm his online persona.

And Janitch had to go through this process six times.

Six times, someone with a grudge — or simply wishing to prove the absolute mess caused by YouTube’s Google+ integration — flagged Janitch’s account as an imposter and six times he had to jump through hoops in order to get it back. Of course, the user flagging the account doesn’t have to provide an ID in order to prove that Janitch was, in fact, impersonating him. Only the accused must prove his innocence.

It is astounding how many problems Google caused with this integration. Cleaning up YouTube comments is a wonderful notion, some might even say a pipe dream. But not only did Google exacerbate the problem — as evidenced by fake Google+ accounts and the lack of a character limit in the new comment section — it has penalized honest YouTube users with a confirmation rigmarole for erroneous accusations on a completely different site.

Google, it’s time to fix your fix.

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6/8/2013 — Missouri Cell Phone Tower Law — Taking power away from local officials

Cell phone towers .. to be put up in RESIDENTIAL settings.. with less say from local officials.



JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – An organization representing city officials from across Missouri is urging Governor Jay Nixon to veto legislation limiting their ability to regulate cellphone towers.

The Missouri Municipal League said Friday the bill could allow placement of large cellphone towers in town squares or residential neighborhoods, which could hurt property values.


This is just wonderful.. lets do a search for what long term exposure to low intensity microwaves will do to your body… summed up, in case you didn’t just do the search, it causes cancer.

Now imagine a powerful tower built on top of you in a building, or next to your property with no say in the matter.  You go to your elected official, and they also have no say in the matter.  What ever happened to chain of authority, and redress of grievance?

What happened here in Missouri?  How can something like this happen when studies from 2011 show major cancer risk?  The answer: payoff and graft has its hands all over this one.

Missouri seriously must wake up to this issue. You do NOT want a cell phone tower close to residential living areas where people in their houses are right next to the transmitter.. quite simply put, it is dangerous for the families nearby.

Knowing this fact, cell phone tower microwave radiation DOES cause cancer over long term exposure, it is a terrible idea to take the power of choice out of the hands of the local people who are going to be exposed long term to this microwave radiation.

Anyone who thinks having long term low intensity microwave exposure is “ok” or “safe”, needs to read what the National Institute of Health has to say in light of the newest research on the subject — THE OLD STUDIES HAVE BEEN INVALIDATED — there is a major cancer risk now established .


Title : Long-term exposure to microwave radiation provokes cancer growth: evidences from radars and mobile communication systems.

microwave cancer

full pdf here:

Download the pdf here directly from this site :



In this review we discuss alarming epidemiological and experimental data on possible carcinogenic effects of long term exposure to low intensity microwave (MW) radiation.

Recently, a number of reports revealed that under certain conditions the irradiation by low intensity MW can substantially induce cancer progression in humans and in animal models.

The carcinogenic effect of MW irradiation is typically manifested after long term (up to 10 years and more) exposure. Nevertheless, even a year of operation of a powerful base transmitting station for mobile communication reportedly resulted in a dramatic increase of cancer incidence among population living nearby.

In addition, model studies in rodents unveiled a significant increase in carcinogenesis after 17-24 months of MW exposure both in tumor-prone and intact animals. To that, such metabolic changes, as overproduction of reactive oxygen species, 8-hydroxi-2-deoxyguanosine formation, or ornithine decarboxylase activation under exposure to low intensity MW confirm a stress impact of this factor on living cells.

We also address the issue of standards for assessment of biological effects of irradiation. It is now becoming increasingly evident that assessment of biological effects of non-ionizing radiation based on physical (thermal) approach used in recommendations of current regulatory bodies, including the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) Guidelines, requires urgent reevaluation.

We conclude that recent data strongly point to the need for re-elaboration of the current safety limits for non-ionizing radiation using recently obtained knowledge. We also emphasize that the everyday exposure of both occupational and general public to MW radiation should be regulated based on a precautionary principles which imply maximum restriction of excessive exposure.


Governor Jay Nixon should think long, and hard about exposing the states RESIDENTIAL CENTERS (children, pregnant mothers, elderly, and pets) to base station towers without them having a fair say in the matter.

If they CHOOSE to have a tower, that’s their choice, if the government chooses — then the government will be responsible for the problems caused.

Maybe Governor Jay Nixon (and his advisers) just don’t know about the new data that proves the OLD studies from the 90′s wrong — which were PAID FOR by the Telecom companies themselves I might add.


For the record, I worked in the wireless telecom industry for several years.  Southwestern Bell, Cingular, AT&T, and T-mobile.

3/29/2013 — Large collection of H.A.A.R.P. / RADAR documents — Barium clouds , Plasma Mirrors, Tomography, Weather Modification

An amazing compilation of data on HAARP — CLICK ON THE HYPERLINKS …


First paragraph for instance..Anyone who said HAARP is only for the electrojet…


HAARP can do the following in regards to modifying the climate:

Project Argus‘s 1958 high altitude nuclear explosion (DARPA project) created artificial radiation belts, which confirmed the Christofilos effect.  This mechanism was again confirmed when the 1963 Starfish Prime explosion created artificial radiation belts that “would last a hundred years before the ionosphere returned to normal.”  NASA’s Van Allen Probes Reveal Previously Undetected Radiation Belt Around Earth  02.28.13  [Video]

“The Starfish Prime radiation belt had, by far, the greatest intensity and duration of any of the artificial radiation belts, and it could take many hundreds of years for the Van Allen Belts to restabilise at their normal levels.”

Enter Star Wars SDI

But hopes that the Christofilos effect would provide a defensive shield against Soviet missiles faded quickly. The electron belts created by the experiments were too weak and transitory to do much damage to enemy missiles that would pass through them at thousands of miles per hour. Christofilos, dubbed “the Crazy Greek” by the press, continued to explore ideas (some of which are still classified) until his death in 1972.

Fifty years after Argus, however, the Crazy Greek doesn’t seem quite so crazy. Space-based nuclear tests in the early 1960s proved that the Christofilos effect could disable satellites. Now that near-Earth space harbors hundreds of satellites of critical economic and military importance, strategists are considering the Christofilos effect anew. Even a technologically humble rogue state could launch a missile and detonate a low-yield nuke high over its territory, creating a Christofilos effect that would cripple the satellites of its more sophisticated rivals.

The militaries’ Star Wars SDI weapon is a multipurpose, climate modifying mystery.  I am not suprised that many of you are unaware of the long history of upper atmospheric modification.

HAARP enters the geoengineering world:

The noctilucent clouds help reflect the suns heat back into space so if we can break down more methane with the HAARP or Lucy transmitters we should generate more clouds and thus help reverse global warming by:-a) Getting rid of the high global warming potential methane at low altitudes and in the stratospheric global warming veil.

b) Generating sunshine reflecting noctilucent clouds in increasing amounts in the mesosphere which will reflect the suns energy back into space.

noctilucent clouds formed from the breakdown of methane in a circular zone above the HAARP transmitter we should be able to effectively test the system. There ought to be a buildup of the noctilucent clouds in the area where the HAARP transmissions are focused on the ionosphere. If it works there are 4 other similar facilities in the world (Hipas, Alaska; Arecibo, Puerto Rico, EISCAT, Norway and Sura, Russia) where they could immediately attack the atmospheric methane as well.

RADAR in conjunction with artificial atmospheric plasma acting as a mirror:


tiltable aim radar plasma mirror

In the above links you will see the 150 PAGE DOCUMENT describing how the military used RF (radio frequency) to generate plasma in the atmosphere .. in conjunction with RADAR.

You will find the documents on SPRAYING BARIUM CLOUDS to aid with frequency induced plasma from RADAR and HAARP.


barium release plasma electron gun

It really is an awesome series of documents that Jim Lee has put together…Refuting all the skeptics claims — skeptics saying RADAR cannot do XYZ… skeptics saying HAARP is a “conspiracy” — skeptics saying HAARP is only for study of the ionosphere.

How about RADAR and HAARP for SDI (missile defense) ?!

All the documents are here…