5/09/2015 — SNOW-NADO (cold tornado) forms over Colorado Springs, CO

A rare “cold” tornado has formed, and the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the area due East of Colorado Springs, CO.

As a former resident of the Colorado front range, I know the area around Colorado Springs quite well.  The cold mountain air (below freezing) is mixing with the warm moist air of the plains (Kansas / Oklahoma).

snow-nado colorado springs may 9 2015


The downdrafts from the upper slopes of the Rocky Mountains is usually quite strong, however the prevailing winds of the low pressure systems which press storms TOWARDS the mountains from the plains due to the counter-clockwise rotation of these large storms.


Above: NEXRAD RADAR feed from Colorado Springs 400pm MDT , May 9 2015 shows multiple tornadoes forming very close to the RADAR station

The counter clockwise rotation pulls the warm air into the cold air.  As we all know, warm air rises, and cold air falls.  When the warm air is pushed into the cold mountain downdrafts, the warm air suddenly rises while mixing with the cold air.

When the warm air, and cold air mix aloft, storms and tornadic rotation forms in the COLD area.
snow-nado colorado springs may 9 2015a

Normally, we would expect warm balmy conditions for tornadoes to form, or extremely HOT days where supercells can break out under high humidity.

In this case we have overall cold temperatures, with a blast of warm air coming up from the Southeast moving to the Northwest.

temperatures may 9 2015 severe weather outbreak


As it stands right now, a very large tornado warning has been issued in the area between Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO  (just East of Castle Rock, CO).

Also, in the South, a very large tornado watch zone has been issued *500pm CDT* across the midwest and South United States (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana)

severe weather may 9 2015a


5/09/2015 — Icepack levels growing rapidly to RECORD levels at the South Pole — North Pole still frozen solid

Last year, in 2014, there were record levels of ice (and record area covered) at the South Pole / Antarctica.

It wasn’t just conjecture, or hearsay, NASA actually confirmed last years levels as being an all time high.

This past summer at the South Pole, not as much melting occurred as we would normally expect to see a large melt-off over the summer month.   The record ice pack from last year did not fully melt, thus it was left to re-freeze this year.

Now going into winter at the South Pole (May 2015), and we see the continent of Antarctica already shrouded on all sides by ice pack extending nearly 1,000 miles out from its coast in some places.

icepack levels may 9 2015

Icepack levels are growing rapidly to be beyond last years RECORDS levels at the South Pole… now going into winter, we see the icepack growing out very far from Antarctica — looks like this year will be even greater than last year.

Here is a screenshot of the record icepack from last year, October 2014, clearly this year of 2015 (seen above) is on track to beat out last years record levels :



Meanwhile, the North pole remains frozen solid, extending far South now going into late spring, and early summer come June.

Clearly things are changing. Global warming now replaced by rapid cooling, and record ice levels.

In other news, snow storms hitting the central midwest and Rocky Mountain states in the US.


See the icepack levels for yourself, and compare to past years here:


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4/27/2015 — Lake Charles Louisiana MAN MADE TORNADO — High Power Microwave RADAR generated

Again, another possible tornado near a high power microwave transmitter.

I must ask this question yet one more time. How many times is too many times before people realize that High Power Microwaves (HPM) are inducing rotation above the transmitter?

This time , a lone storm  popping up directly over Lake Charles Louisiana.

Detected as a strong rotation, with damaging winds which formed long after sunset along the gulf coast (after the previous storms had already passed.

lake charles lousiana tornado april 27 2015


Very strange to see this lone lingering micro-storm hang out over the NEXRAD RADAR high power microwave transmitter.

This “micro-storm” was literally the size of downtown Lake Charles, LA…. in other words fairly small.   The “storm” appeared almost directly over the NEXRAD RADAR tower itself.

As the storm appeared, it produced possible tornado signatures, and was identified as a possible tornado by the NWS storm tracking system.


Above: Seen at the center of the “ring” near the RADAR center, a lingering cloud hangs over the transmitter.

How can all of this happen?  To get a better understanding , watch my video from this morning (April 27, 2015) here:



Specifically, it is now proved that microwave transmitters can (and do) induce rotation over the transmission location.

It is also proved that microwave transmissions can strip ions / electrons from the atmosphere, which induces CCN formation (cloud condensation nuclei). RADAR pulses (aka HAARP rings) are proved to induce CCN and rotation:


Together, microwaves can induce rotation, and induce water vapor — thus a man-made frequency induced storm is made.

We have seen this happen far too often to be coincidence, or chance.

The experiments proving the science behind HOW this is occurring have been done by reputable professionals, and well known institutions.

Tornadoes happening at all times of the year, winter, summer, fall, spring… irrespective of location …. from Key West Florida to Seattle Washington… time after time we see tornado formation, damaging winds, and hail develop directly near (in some cases directly over) high power microwave transmitter.


Much more information on how frequency induced storms occur can be found here:


Below are several examples of Tornadoes ONLY forming over transmitters, and airports with high power transmitters nearby: (these are just a few of the HUNDREDS of times this has now occurred).

high power transmitter RADAR haarp ring iowa april 9 2015

tornado nexrad radar haarp ring april 9 2015 nebraska hastings

fort polk radar tornado april 3 2015

4/20/2015 — FIVE NEW HAARP type arrays being built! Norway Shutting down FM Radio — THE REAL REASON why

Norway is shutting off FM radio transmissions by 2017?

I never believe the “official” reason for anything like this.  There is much more to the story than you’re being told.

Officially, the powers that be would have you believe FM is being done away with because digital is much cheaper to operate, and offers more options.   Technically, this might be true, however the real reason FM is being shut off is much deeper than meets the eye.

Norway isn’t just “shutting off” FM becasue Digital radio is “better”.  Norway is freeing up FM bands for OTHER uses coming soon, for sure the FM band won’t stay silent very long!

FM falls within the VHF (Very High Frequency) band.  Norway is the location of EISCAT , the European VHF version of HAARP.

Worthy to note, as of January 2015, Norway is moving ahead with EISCAT 3D.   To be completed by 2017.   They are building FIVE DIFFERENT versions of a HAARP type array to work together with each other in conjuction using the VHF band!


Quote the literature on the EISCAT 3D project:


“The EISCAT_3D system will consist of five phased-array antenna fields located in the northernmost areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden, each with around 10,000 crossed dipole antenna elements. One of these sites (the core site) will transmit radio waves at 233 MHz, and all five sites will have sensitive receivers to measure the returned radio signals.”


Thus it appears 233.0FM is going to be broadcasting LOUD AND CLEAR come 2017.

I can hear it now :)

“HOTT 233.0FM EISCAT — Burning up the airwaves with your favorite top 40 ionospheric “hits”!


In order to understand how close these frequencies overlap, FM Radio working in the 100MHz band… EISCAT working in 200MHz band, see the charts below which break down the RF (radio frequency) spectrum.

spectrum-chart-969x264-2 mary1_full

If you thought HAARP in Alaska was big, just wait until these EISCAT arrays are online.

Norway is building FIVE DIFFERENT arrays , 10,000 dipole elements per array!

Obviously this VHF European “HAARP” will be more like a rock band, than a single “HAARP” plucking its strings.  Being able to cross waves to induce scalar energy at a distance is one of the obvious goals of this program.

This array will be able to cover the entire VHF spectrum.    This means everyone else currently using VHF (FM) would be getting interference from the Tromsø Norway and Finland locations of these antenna arrays.

Thus they will shut off FM in 2017 when they start bringing these VHF arrays on line.

Article circulating in the news:

In 2017, Norway will be first country to shut down FM radio


“Norway will shut down FM radio in the country beginning in 2017, Radio.no reports. The Norwegian Ministry of Culture finalized a shift date this week, making it the first country to do away with FM radio entirely. The country plans to transition to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) as a national standard.

A statement released this week by the Ministry of Culture confirms a switch-off date that was proposed by the Norwegian government back in 2011. The government has concluded that the country is capable of meeting all the requirements necessary for a smooth transition to digital.


“Listeners will have access to more diverse and pluralistic radio-content, and enjoy better sound quality and new functionality,” Minister of Culture Thorhild Widvey said in a statement. “Digitization will also greatly improve the emergency preparedness system, facilitate increased competition and offer new opportunities for innovation and development.”

DAB currently offers 22 national channels as opposed to FM’s five, and has the capacity to host almost 20 more. The cost of transmitting radio channels through FM is also eight times higher than the cost of DAB transmission, the ministry reports.

DAB has been available in Norway since 1995. DAB+, an updated form of DAB, was made available in 2007. According to the Ministry of Culture, it will be up to radio broadcasters to choose between DAB and DAB+ transmissions, although it is likely that by 2017, most broadcasting in the country will be in DAB+.

Several other countries in Europe and Southeast Asia are also considering a national move to DAB, but no other country has confirmed a timeline, Radio.no reports.

Norway’s FM shutdown will begin on January 11th, 2017.