7/16/2015 — Is there a giant “Death Star” crater on Pluto’s moon Charon?

Southeast of the dark plains of “Mordor” located on the surface of Pluto’s moon Charon,  a ‘death star’ crater may be lurking in the shadows! 🙂

[No, this is not a strange sci-fi script by the way lol]

Not a science fiction novel, this is actual reality, and we may be looking at a possible giant craters edge which can be seen on the “Eastern” limb of Charon (seen below).

If the long line is the side view of a giant crater, it most likely will appear similar to the “death star” crater on Saturn’s moon named Mimas.

charon crater

When one views a circular shape from just under a 45 degree angle, the edge of the circle will appear “flat” like a line.

Thus, this indeed could be a very large crater of some kind.

Only time will tell, and several more high resolution pictures of course.


From NASA:

Charon’s Surprising, Youthful and Varied Terrain


“Remarkable new details of Pluto’s largest moon Charon are revealed in this image from New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI), taken late on July 13, 2015 from a distance of 289,000 miles  (466,000 kilometers).

A swath of cliffs and troughs stretches about 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) from left to right, suggesting widespread fracturing of Charon’s crust, likely a result of internal processes. At upper right, along the moon’s curving edge, is a canyon estimated to be 4 to 6 miles (7 to 9 kilometers) deep.

Mission scientists are surprised by the apparent lack of craters on Charon. South of the moon’s equator, at the bottom of this image, terrain is lit by the slanting rays of the sun, creating shadows that make it easier to distinguish topography. Even here, however, relatively few craters are visible, indicating a relatively young surface that has been reshaped by geologic activity.

In Charon’s north polar region, a dark marking prominent in New Horizons’ approach images is now seen to have a diffuse boundary, suggesting it is a thin deposit of dark material. Underlying it is a distinct, sharply bounded, angular feature; higher resolution images still to come are expected to shed more light on this enigmatic region.

The image has been compressed to reduce its file size for transmission to Earth. In high-contrast areas of the image, features as small as 3 miles (5 kilometers) across can be seen. Some lower-contrast detail is obscured by the compression of the image, which may make some areas appear smoother than they really are. The uncompressed version still resides in New Horizons’ computer memory and is scheduled to be transmitted at a later date.

The image has been combined with color information obtained by New Horizons’ Ralph instrument on July 13.

New Horizons traveled more than three billion miles over nine-and-a-half years to reach the Pluto system.

Image Credit: NASA-JHUAPL-SwRI”


Ironic that the “death star” comes into play in light of the names they are choosing for Pluto, and Charon.

Quote the main stream media on the naming of Pluto / Charons features :

“Among the many cool things we learned today — including that Pluto’s equator is studded with icy mountains, and that Pluto has one of the youngest surfaces in the Solar System — is that the members of the New Horizons team refer to a dark patch near the north pole of Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, as Mordor, famously the home of Sauron and Mount Doom in The Lord of the Rings.

Since Pluto is named for the Roman god of the underworld, the names of its features are receiving monikers based on subterranean and suboceanic characters from fiction and mythology.

One of the dark regions near Pluto’s south pole, initially called “The Whale” when first spotted from a more distant photo, has now been dubbed Cthulhu, one of the terrible “Great Old Ones” from the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Cthulhu lurks under the sea in the sunken city of R’lyeh.

Other features have been named for Meng-p’o, the Buddhist goddess of forgetfulness and amnesia, and Balrog, a demon from JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” series. Two features, Vucub-Came and Hun-Came, are named for Mayan death gods. There’s also Krun, named for a Mandaean lord of the underworld, and Ala, the Ibo ruler of the underworld.”


With names like , Cthulu , Mordor, Balrog, Krun, and Mayan death gods — if this turns out to be a giant single crater on the moon of Charon — it should actually be  named “Death Star Crater”, or “Sith Crater. 🙂


6/28/2015 — Another SpaceX rocket Explosion = New elite fireworks company for the rich + powerful

Another rocket explosion from SpaceX.

From the SpaceX fireworks Mega Store?! 🙂 lol !

spacex explosions

Soon to be EX-space company if things keep going this way.

In all seriousness, thank God that no live cargo has been on any of these rocket launches by SpaceX.



This whole business , of course, is “rocket science” — all a bit risky, and of course going to happen when you’re testing your rockets, however, I thought they were beyond prototypes — there seems to be something “wrong” with these rockets.

Poor manufacturing?  Poor technical engineering?  Poor software?  Interference from an outside party?

Regardless of the reason behind the explosion, unless SpaceX can manage to get these launches (and landings) right, we’re going to see SpaceX take the walk of shame, and get the big X — as in dropped from future operations.

SpaceX is owned by the “famous” “inventor” Elon Musk.

If Musk’s coming “hyperloop” train is anything like his rockets, you can COUNT ME OUT on riding in a train full of people moving at near the speed of sound through a tube of magnets.

Since the rockets are becoming fireworks, the hyperloop might become the worlds largest shotgun, with humans as the ammunition in the tube/barrel.. and the hyperloop train is the shotgun shell.


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3/27/2015 — Giant Microwave Pulse seen across Europe, Africa, and Atlantic on March 23 into 24th

A few odd things occurred the night before, and in the hours leading up to the airplane crash in Southern France – which occurred near Barcelonnette in the Alps.

A giant pulse of energy occurred on the night of the 23rd going into the 24th:

microwave pulse march 23

Above: Seen at the peak of the 1st blast – this large distortion covered the entire Southern Hemisphere. This blast was followed by a secondary reverberation on the 24th.


Feed from the MIMIC morphed microwave background here:



Above: Microwave background from MIMIC shows a large pulse of energy on the 23rd and 24th of March 2015.


Above you can see a large pulse of energy on March 23rd followed by a secondary reverberation on the 24th.  Usually we only see these kinds of large microwave distortions when an incoming upper M-class to X-class flare occurs, or a very large CME sends a blast of particles towards Earth.

Here is a recent example of a large CME hitting Earth seen on the morphed microwave composite feed:

large blast solar storm MIMIC microwave march 17 2015

There was only a C-class flare from the Sun recently, and nothing of any significance was ejected towards Earth from the Earth facing Sunspots.

The cause of this large pulse of energy is still ‘unknown’, however it coincides with something else worth mentioning again.

CERN and their magnet malfunction.  Particularly the time of the short circuit on the mega-magnet.  All reports said CERN was powering up on the 23rd.. even reports issued on the day of the 23rd said they were all green for go at CERN.

Then this pulse occurred.

Then the plane crashed.

Then CERN came out and said they haven’t been powered on since the 21st?!

We had reports all week that CERN was to begin powering up in earnest on March 23rd for an experiment on March 25th — then, 2 hours AFTER the plane crashed CERN came out with a statement saying that they were out of commission due to a Magnet short circuit which occurred on the 21st.    This is extremely odd in light of all the media reports announcing that CERN powered up already on the 23rd.


Above: CERN denies being powered on after the 21st .. after building the hype for their experiment all week up to the 23rd.. were they lying on the 22nd and 23rd saying all was good for the experiment or are they lying after the malfunction caused a plane to crash? Either way they lied.


On the 24th the plane crash occurred around 1pm European time.

As you can see in the animated .GIF at the top of this post , this giant pulse of energy occurred during the time frame that CERN was supposedly powering up, and having a magnet short circuit.

Considering CERN is the largest magnetic structure in the world, and considering the magnet keeps the quantum space from reaching the outside environment — if the mega-magnet fails via  a short circuit, then a power surge also accompanied that magnet failure.

A power surge in the worlds biggest magnet?

Short Circuits are unintended flows of power to non-intended areas:

“A short circuit is an abnormal connection between two nodes of an electric circuit intended to be at different voltages. This results in an excessive electric current limited only by the Thévenin equivalent resistance of the rest of the network and potentially causes circuit damage, overheating, fire or explosion. Although usually the result of a fault, there are cases where short circuits are caused intentionally, for example, for the purpose of voltage-sensing crowbar circuit protectors.”

Short circuit on the 21st?    Why would all media (and CERN) announce all was moving forward.. THEN come out on the 24th (2 hours after the plane crash), and tell everyone they’ve been fully off for the past several days?!

Now we have multiple questionable stories coming out saying the pilot of the plane deliberately crashed the aircraft?  Magically quick release of the cockpit voice recorders?  Something is not right about all of this.

I personally am of the opinion that the cover story is a smear on the pilot to cover for this CERN event.

3/24/2015 — CERN mega-magnet “short circuits” — operations now postponed

UPDATE March 25 2015:

CERN and the media came out this morning (last night) and are now saying that the “magnetic short circuit” happened on March 21st?

Odd that CERN made the post YESTERDAY on March 24th at 14:30 / 2:30pm CET (central European time).

The plane crash occurred around 12-1pm CET .. about 1-2 hours before this post from CERN:


So, now we see, 1-2 hours AFTER the crash , CERN came out and said the magnetic short circuit happened on the 21st?!

Why would they say they had a short on the 21st when they announced they were GOING AHEAD just two days ago on the 23rd?

Literally, they were supposed to begin powerup on the 23rd into 24th.  They said all was good and the media reports show it being reported as ready to go on the 23rd as well.

Someone is lying.

Original reports issued yesterday on Reuters say nothing about the 21st.

If it shorted out on the 21st, then they wouldn’t say all good on the 22nd + 23rd! As of 2 days ago, it was all go for a Wednesday (today) fire up.   This means that yesterday CERN was primed and ready.. then shorted out.

Here’s the report from 2 days ago.. march 23rd.. saying all was set to go.


10:33AM GMT 23 Mar 2015

“The particle accelerator, which will be restarted this week, has already found the Higgs boson – the God Particle – which is thought to give mass to other particles. ”

“The second run of the LHC will begin this week and the beams are expected to go full circle on Wednesday for the first time since the 27km accelerator was shut down in early 2013 for an upgrade. ”

“The first circulating beams of protons in the LHC are planned for the week beginning 23 March, and by late May to early June the LHC aims to be running at 13 TeV.”

It is even possible that gravity from our own universe may ‘leak’ into this parallel universe, scientists at the LHC say.

“Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist in a third dimension [height], parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions,” added Dr Faizal,

“We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has undergone important upgrades and repairs over the past two years since the first shutdown.

The particle collider boasts new magnets, superior cryogenics, higher voltage and higher energy beams that will allow the machine to run at nearly double the collision energy of the first run.”

Original post below :

March 24, 2015

It would appear CERN is now going to be on indefinite hold – due to a short circuit in one of the main magnets which controls the Hadron Collider.


Above: Inner chamber portion of the LHC (large hadron collider) belonging to the CERN program. The inner magnetic chamber experienced a “short circuit” on March 24, 2015 causing a shutdown until further notice.


Ironic this comes on the same day as the plane crash in the area.

The location of the crash (near Barcelonnette France) is about 130 miles Southeast of CERN’s main loop in Geneva Switzerland.

barcelonnette crash cern

CA3Bor-VEAAKy9r.jpg large

Certainly the crash, and the magnetic overload could be related, cannot rule it out entirely due to natural magnetic conjugate points being hundreds of miles away from any large magnetic burst.

Video report from tatott1009 here:

March 24, 2015


“(Reuters) – Scientists at Europe’s CERN research centre have had to postpone the imminent relaunch of their refitted ‘Big Bang’ machine, the Large Hadron Collider, because of a short-circuit in the wiring of one of the vital magnets.

“Current indications suggest a delay of between a few days and several weeks,” a statement from the world’s leading particle physics research centre said on Tuesday.

Engineers had been expected to start on Wednesday pumping proton beams in opposite directions all the way round the two 27-km (17-mile) underground tubes in the LHC, closed down for the past two years for a refit.

That would have been the prelude to the start of particle collisions in late May at twice the power of those in the LHC’s first run from 2010-2013.

The smashing-together of particles inside the LHC is designed to mimic conditions just after the Big Bang at the dawn of the universe. In a breakthrough in 2012, CERN scientists announced the discovery of a new subatomic particle, a basic building block of the universe, which appeared to be the boson imagined and named half a century earlier by theoretical physicist Peter Higgs.

Hopes for the second run lie in breaking out of what it known as the Standard Model of how the universe works at the level of elementary particles, and into “New Physics.”

That includes searching for the dark matter that makes up about 96 percent of the stuff of the universe but can only be detected by its influence on visible matter around it.

CERN scientists expressed disappointment at the last-minute problem, in just one of the underground machine’s eight sectors, which have been rewired and checked thoroughly during the closedown. But the research centre’s director general, Rolf Heuer, played down its significance.

“All the signs are good for a great run 2,” he said in a statement. “In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks delay in humankind’s quest to understand our universe is little more than the blink of an eye.”

Scientists and engineers at CERN, mindful of a serious leakage in 2008 which caused a delay of two years in the start-up for the first LHC run, have long insisted that there can be no rushing into full operations.

Frederick Bordry, director for accelerators, said it could take time to resolve what he described as an intermittent short-circuit because it was in a cold section of the machine, meaning that part would probably have to be warmed up.

It would then have to be recooled. “So what would have taken hours in a warm machine could end up taking us weeks,” he added.”