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4/07/2015 — Stanford proves PAPER THIN battery from Aluminum + Graphite WORKS for charging

Oh, the irony of it all :)

Stanford has just “invented” the battery that I showed you how to make 3 weeks ago, a project I had been working on for a very long time, and made a VIDEO on March 13th @ 2am CDT.

Literally Stanford used the SAME ITEMS I SHOWED IN THE VIDEO !!!!! Aluminum and graphite .

What are the chances?!

paper thin battery



Their video from April 6th 2015 (yesterday):


Here is my video from 3 weeks ago (March 13 2015) .


I worked on this project from February into March.. making the VIDEO on the 13th at 2am CDT.  I had to order graphite / graphene from a distributor in the UK.. which took almost 3 weeks to get here.  Had to order copper stripping from Home Depot, which took a week to get here.  I discussed the idea with my engineer uncle on March 1st, and sent the invention idea to tatoott1009 on March 6th (on facebook – so it’s time stamped).

I feel like someone just screwed me over. BUT .. that being said, I’m glad it was Stanford who did it.  Someone should just give credit where credit is due … that’s all I’m saying.

Cool that it’s getting made, LAME that they didn’t give credit for their inspiration. I’d settle for credit on the discovery and a nice donation to my fundraiser…. but they’re playing the ripoff game apparently.

Just for reference in case you want to know HOW the battery is actually producing voltage… more like a “generator” than a battery!

Here you can see the aluminum / graphite producing a 0.5V using a piece of tin foil and graphite toner powder from an old printer cartridge.

I tried to do a fundraiser to get some basic gear to do the experiments like they did at Stanford.  But only 45 dollars was donated…   So, I refunded the peoples money who donated, and cried myself to sleep that night.  Like a true ex-goth punk loser, I became pensive and withdrawn (LOL!).

In all seriousness , apparently someone at Stanford is watching my videos?!!!  Awesome news in any other circumstance ( I suppose). 

Too bad no inspirational credit was given.  Such is life .. thankless.  They’ll end up billionaires, I’m going to end up doing manual labor at minimum wage for the rest of my life.  No joke on that.

Hoping for a mystery meteor, or other such event to take me out while not hurting anyone else :)  lol  Please , can we get this over with already?! Hating life as much as I love it.  Some day my name will be cleared, but that day will not be today apparently.

This electronegative voltage generation process can be done with OTHER materials, as long as they are layered in order of “greater” and “lesser” electronegativity.

pauling scale

Above: the Pauling Scale of eletronegativity (seen in the EN column with numbers ranging from 0.7 Cesium to a much higher 4.0 Fluorine. To produce voltage, the layers must be “greater to lesser” in EN. Fluorine must be layered “under” Cesium. Like a piece of clear wrapping tape stuck to a piece of paper.. one layered on top of the other. The greater the difference between elements EN charge, the greater the voltage that is produced. This works with all physical elements that can be layered next to one another.

Description from below my video from 3 weeks ago :

“Printed Power! :) Voltage on a piece of paper which lasts much longer than any battery available today? Yes.

DC power generation using non-moving, non-toxic, and even EDIBLE materials.

With this technology… in the future, we could indeed see wearable voltage generating clothes, newspapers + books which power themselves, metals pressed in such a way to produce their own voltage, new internal electronics made with the material which would then provide voltage to themselves.

“Books” of paper stacked to make greater voltage?!

The days of the 9V battery.. the days of the AA… AAA battery.. the days of the 12V battery for your car… the days of litium ion batteries for everything could be over.

Further research is needed.

Your contribution to this fundraiser will provide the funds I would need to properly devote my full time into developing this. Much finer manufacturing, higher grade materials, and an appropriate laboratory (closed experiment lab) are needed to do these experiments properly.

The initial results speak for themselves.

Generates 0.5V DC per square inch (or centimeter)! Thickness is paper thin. 0.9 to 1.0 μA / 0.5V DC (micro ampere and voltage per mm)… YES… that’s per millimeter!

The generator is also thermal reactive but not dependent on thermal reaction – meaning it generates MORE voltage when heated. Could be GREAT for solar panels.. non-breakable , would work in the Sun just like as a solar panel does, and would still generate voltage at night!

Once experiments are appropriately done in a controlled atmosphere, witnessed by multiple peers via peer review, then the options open up for manufacturing.

An electrical engineer will be needed for schematics , and copyrights / patents will need to be filed (as I am not an electrical engineer or a lawyer- yet!).

More on electronegativity here:


Pauling Scale here:



Longer description of this thin DC generator or (Layered elemental electronegative voltage generator)

Layers of elements arranged in such a way to create DC current generators on a 1inch piece of paper, or even smaller.

Total thickness is about a sheet of printer paper!

NOT a “battery”.. rather, its actually generating electricity… it is a paper thin non moving generator which constantly produces voltage (with no heat!).

Not a chemical reaction, as the current is generated by a sharing of electrons between hard surfaces!!!!!!!!! Voltage is being generated via ionization discharge between elements (also known as “electronegative discharge”). Literally electrons passing between elements layered in a particular order.

If manufactured properly, the results will be much better, but as it stands right now this is a HUGE Breakthrough.

PRINTED VOLTAGE .. generating power which lasts as long as the layers are together! Stacked together, or made larger, could power much more than a 9V or 12V source. If made in a ‘book’ could theoretically provide 120V or 220V DC .. also 20amp service to homes (theoretically) !

Initial experiments prove this source generates 0.5V DC per square inch (or centimeter), measured 0.5V DC down to 1mm square! Thickness is paper thin as well!

0.9 to 1.0 μA / 0.5V DC (micro ampere and voltage per mm) !

IF this is perfected, we can print high voltage and low voltage paper , component chips, and self powered circuits which pull their power from this electronegative reaction.

All the materials used are either edible or non toxic! Generates zero heat, and will work in high or low temperatures.

Is also THERMAL reactive, therefore voltage actually will increase as the paper is warmed up. IF YOU HOLD IT.. it increases the voltage due to your body heat. If you blow hot air on it, it also increases voltage.


3/01/2015 — Back to the Future (1985) shows 9/11 + Illuminati symbology

The title for this article speaks for itself.  9/11 (september 11) shown multiple times, in multiple ways in the famous movie “Back to the Future”.

In the movie, Marty Mcfly is trying to “save the (clock) tower” and keeps trying to warn Doc of a coming terrorist attack.  Each time the terrorist attack, or the “tower” is mentioned, there is a 9/11 shot or an illuminati eye.

Lightning strikes at 10:04 and destroys the tower in the movie…  WTC collapses and is destroyed at 10:04 as well.

This holds true in the 1st and 2nd movie.  Feel free to watch for yourself, watch closely, slow motion if you have to, I’m sure you’ll find more than this.

As we all know, a picture (or pictures) are worth a thousand words…….. therefore … behold: click to view full size

back to the future illuminati

Watch here:


2/26/2015 — New HAARP experiment findings released by the American Geophysical Union

As we found out last month, all the bogus stories about HAARP closing down were more fake than a politician kissing a baby during election season.


When I found the 25 million dollar budget from the US Navy for the Fiscal Year of 2015 — that sealed the deal on whether or not the facility is still in operation.

Today (February 26 2015), I decided to do a search on plasma experiments authorized for FY2015 and FY2016 by the United States Government.

While searching for budgets, I stumbled upon this NEW February 2015 release from the American Geophysical Union regarding new experiments done at HAARP.

Yes, new experiment results from HAARP.  Submitted January 2015.  This means that all the stories about H.A.A.R.P. being closed down in 2014 were false.

Now move forward to 2015, we have the budget for this year from the US Navy, and we have experiment results coming in from 2014 into 2015 – proving the facility did NOT shut down in 2013, and did not shut down in 2014.

http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/2015GL063064/abstracthaarp experiments 2015



“Experiments involving the generation and detection of artificial periodic inhomogeneities (API) have been performed at the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility.

Irregularities were created using powerful X-mode HF emissions and then probed using short (10μs) X- and O-mode pulses. Reception was performed using a portable software-defined receiver together with the crossed-rhombic antenna from the local ionosonde.

Echoes were observed reliably between about 85-140 km altitude with signal-to-noise ratios as high as about 30 dB. The Doppler shift of the echoes can be associated with the vertical neutral wind in this altitude range.

Small but persistent Doppler shifts were observed. The decay time constant of the echoes is meanwhile indicative of the ambipolar diffusion coefficient which depends on the plasma temperature, composition, and neutral gas density.

The measured time constants appear to be consistent with theoretical expectations and imply a methodology for measuring neutral density profiles.

The significance of thermospheric vertical neutral wind and density measurements which are difficult to obtain using ground-based instruments by other means is discussed.”



  1. This article has been accepted for publication and undergone full peer review but has not been through the copyediting, typesetting, pagination and proofreading process, which may lead to differences between this version and the Version of Record. Please cite this article as doi: 10.1002/2015GL063064

Publication History

  1. Accepted manuscript online: 16 FEB 2015 10:24AM EST
  2. Manuscript Revised: 10 FEB 2015
  3. Manuscript Accepted: 10 FEB 2015
  4. Manuscript Received: 7 JAN 2015






Big media outlets made false reports last year saying HAARP was closed — big names such as livescience, RT, and even NBC news jumping on the false information bandwagon.

After reading these nonsense stories about shutdown , I must point out how the disinformation started.

(Literally this was a made up story in 2013 — at first saying that HAARP was being closed due to “dirty diesel generators”!  This disinformation was debunked in 2013 by myself.    This happened again in 2014 saying HAARP was being dismantled for parts – both false reports from  a HAARP denier website called the ARRL).

Obviously the ARRL is full of the old stuff, and the people who repeated the false shutdown story now must correct themselves.


2/08/2015 — Forecast hit — 4.9 magnitude Earthquake strikes South of Salton Sea California

The 7 day earthquake forecast from February 3, 2015 has panned out fully (already, with 2 days left to go).

As of 745pm February 8, 2015  , a  borderline 5.0M (4.9 magnitude) earthquake has struck South of Salton Sea in Baja Mexico – across the California border.

5.0 southern california feb 8 2015

This was fully expected by anyone who has been watching, reading, or listening to the recent earthquake forecast(s) which called for the area from Los Angeles Southwards to North Baja Gulf of California.

This 4.9 magnitude earthquake occurred due South of the dormant volcano which showed movement just a few days ago.

See the screenshot below, showing the volcano fairly close by which experienced movement four days ago (February 4, 2015).

butte full of shit commenter feb 4 2015

Seismically speaking, this week has proved to be a very busy one.

We ended this week off with a bang, literally with a large earthquake near Salton Sea (where we were watching) , and two rare shallow earthquakes in Southern New Mexico occurring at a dormant volcanic complex.

rare new mexico earthquake dormant volcano feb 7 2015

Video update on the rare New Mexico earthquake can be seen here:

This Salton Sea / Baja 4.9M earthquake comes on the heels of SIX DIFFERENT West coast dormant volcanoes showing earthquake movement over the past week.

The forewarnings should be of major concern to even the average person.  There are telltale signs of unrest taking place which people are overlooking for some reason.

Specifically have been warning this entire past week for movement between Los Angles and Baja.  Now Baja gets hit with a borderline 5.0 Magnitude

Louisiana Butte in Central California moved February 7, 2015 (see below):

louisiana butte california dormant volcano earthquake feb 7 2015

Central Utah Black Rock Desert Cinders moved February 5, 2015 (seen below):

utah dormant volcano earthquake feb 5 2015

Crater Mountain in Central California moved  February 3, 2015 (see below):

crater mountain dormant volcano earthquake feb 3 2015

Unnamed Volcanic buttes in NW Nevada moved February 2, 2015 (see below):

ancient volcanic rift nevada earthquake


Scientific – Summary


Magnitude 4.9 mw
Location / uncertainty 31.526°N 115.665°W± 0.9 km
Depth / uncertainty 1.9 km± 5.2
Origin Time 2015-02-09 01:45:02.840 UTC
Number of Stations 6
Number of Phases 7
Minimum Distance 56.66 km (0.51°)
Travel Time Residual 0.13 sec
Azimuthal Gap 133°
FE Region Baja California, Mexico (48)