5/09/2015 — SNOW-NADO (cold tornado) forms over Colorado Springs, CO

A rare “cold” tornado has formed, and the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning for the area due East of Colorado Springs, CO.

As a former resident of the Colorado front range, I know the area around Colorado Springs quite well.  The cold mountain air (below freezing) is mixing with the warm moist air of the plains (Kansas / Oklahoma).

snow-nado colorado springs may 9 2015


The downdrafts from the upper slopes of the Rocky Mountains is usually quite strong, however the prevailing winds of the low pressure systems which press storms TOWARDS the mountains from the plains due to the counter-clockwise rotation of these large storms.


Above: NEXRAD RADAR feed from Colorado Springs 400pm MDT , May 9 2015 shows multiple tornadoes forming very close to the RADAR station

The counter clockwise rotation pulls the warm air into the cold air.  As we all know, warm air rises, and cold air falls.  When the warm air is pushed into the cold mountain downdrafts, the warm air suddenly rises while mixing with the cold air.

When the warm air, and cold air mix aloft, storms and tornadic rotation forms in the COLD area.
snow-nado colorado springs may 9 2015a

Normally, we would expect warm balmy conditions for tornadoes to form, or extremely HOT days where supercells can break out under high humidity.

In this case we have overall cold temperatures, with a blast of warm air coming up from the Southeast moving to the Northwest.

temperatures may 9 2015 severe weather outbreak


As it stands right now, a very large tornado warning has been issued in the area between Colorado Springs, and Denver, CO  (just East of Castle Rock, CO).

Also, in the South, a very large tornado watch zone has been issued *500pm CDT* across the midwest and South United States (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana)

severe weather may 9 2015a


5/09/2015 — Icepack levels growing rapidly to RECORD levels at the South Pole — North Pole still frozen solid

Last year, in 2014, there were record levels of ice (and record area covered) at the South Pole / Antarctica.

It wasn’t just conjecture, or hearsay, NASA actually confirmed last years levels as being an all time high.

This past summer at the South Pole, not as much melting occurred as we would normally expect to see a large melt-off over the summer month.   The record ice pack from last year did not fully melt, thus it was left to re-freeze this year.

Now going into winter at the South Pole (May 2015), and we see the continent of Antarctica already shrouded on all sides by ice pack extending nearly 1,000 miles out from its coast in some places.

icepack levels may 9 2015

Icepack levels are growing rapidly to be beyond last years RECORDS levels at the South Pole… now going into winter, we see the icepack growing out very far from Antarctica — looks like this year will be even greater than last year.

Here is a screenshot of the record icepack from last year, October 2014, clearly this year of 2015 (seen above) is on track to beat out last years record levels :



Meanwhile, the North pole remains frozen solid, extending far South now going into late spring, and early summer come June.

Clearly things are changing. Global warming now replaced by rapid cooling, and record ice levels.

In other news, snow storms hitting the central midwest and Rocky Mountain states in the US.


See the icepack levels for yourself, and compare to past years here:


5/02/2015 — Space travel using MICROWAVES! “EM drive” Experiments prove successful

“They” said it was impossible.  “They” said it would never work.  “They” scoffed, and made fun of the discoverer of this invention.

“They” said microwaves would never work to propel a craft in space.

Who are they?  “They” are the Paid pet professionals, self professed know it alls, deniers, skeptics, and internet armchair warriors.

Now experiments prove “them” all wrong.

Make note in the article, they say:

Until yesterday, every physicist was laughing at this engine and its inventor, Roger Shawyer.

Highlight an emphasis on UNTIL YESTERDAY!  :)

I know how it feels to be laughed at for saying microwaves can do something most skeptics deny.  This propulsion system is based upon intersecting microwaves in a chamber.  A very controversial scientific fact, “scalar” energy using high power microwaves.

The “scalar” forms when the beams cross, pulling energy out of a so-called “empty” space.  In reality, no “space” in the Universe is really empty.

All space is made up of energy.   Accessing that energy via intersecting microwaves was DENIED by skeptics who said it was “impossible”.

Now we know differently.


New Test Suggests NASA’s “Impossible” EM Drive Will Work In Space


4/30/15 7:15am

Last year, NASA’s advanced propulsion research wing made headlines by announcing the successful test of a physics-defying electromagnetic drive, or EM drive.

Now, this futuristic engine, which could in theory propel objects to near-relativistic speeds, has been shown to work inside a space-like vacuum.

NASA Eagleworks made the announcement quite unassumingly via NASASpaceFlight.com. There’s also a major discussion going on about the engine and the physics that drives it at the site’s forum.

The EM drive is controversial in that it appears to violate conventional physics and the law of conservation of momentum; the engine, invented by British scientist Roger Sawyer, converts electric power to thrust without the need for any propellant by bouncing microwaves within a closed container. So, with no expulsion of propellant, there’s nothing to balance the change in the spacecraft’s momentum during acceleration. Hence the skepticism. But as stated by NASA Eagleworks scientist Harold White:

[T]he EM Drive’s thrust was due to the Quantum Vacuum (the quantum state with the lowest possible energy) behaving like propellant ions behave in a MagnetoHydroDynamics drive (a method electrifying propellant and then directing it with magnetic fields to push a spacecraft in the opposite direction) for spacecraft propulsion.

New Test Suggests NASA's "Impossible" EM Drive Will Work In Space

The trouble with this theory, however, is that it might not work in a closed vacuum. After last year’s tests of the engine, which weren’t performed in a vacuum, skeptics argued that the measured thrust was attributable to environmental conditions external to the drive, such as natural thermal convection currents arising from microwave heating.

The recent experiment, however, addressed this concern head-on, while also demonstrating the engine’s potential to work in space. (Image: NASA Eagleworks.)

Quote NASAspaceflight:

“The NASASpaceflight.com group has given consideration to whether the experimental measurements of thrust force were the result of an artifact. Despite considerable effort within the NASASpaceflight.com forum to dismiss the reported thrust as an artifact, the EM Drive results have yet to be falsified.

After consistent reports of thrust measurements from EM Drive experiments in the US, UK, and China – at thrust levels several thousand times in excess of a photon rocket, and now under hard vacuum conditions – the question of where the thrust is coming from deserves serious inquiry.”

Serious inquiry, indeed. It’s crucial now that these tests be analyzed, replicated, and confirmed elsewhere. A peer-review and formal paper would also seem to be in order lest we get too carried away with these results. But wow. Just wow.”


As it turns out , the countless denying “theys” of the world don’t really know much about what CAN or cannot be done at all.

I will never listen to another denier ever again in light of this news.

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4/27/2015 — Lake Charles Louisiana MAN MADE TORNADO — High Power Microwave RADAR generated

Again, another possible tornado near a high power microwave transmitter.

I must ask this question yet one more time. How many times is too many times before people realize that High Power Microwaves (HPM) are inducing rotation above the transmitter?

This time , a lone storm  popping up directly over Lake Charles Louisiana.

Detected as a strong rotation, with damaging winds which formed long after sunset along the gulf coast (after the previous storms had already passed.

lake charles lousiana tornado april 27 2015


Very strange to see this lone lingering micro-storm hang out over the NEXRAD RADAR high power microwave transmitter.

This “micro-storm” was literally the size of downtown Lake Charles, LA…. in other words fairly small.   The “storm” appeared almost directly over the NEXRAD RADAR tower itself.

As the storm appeared, it produced possible tornado signatures, and was identified as a possible tornado by the NWS storm tracking system.


Above: Seen at the center of the “ring” near the RADAR center, a lingering cloud hangs over the transmitter.

How can all of this happen?  To get a better understanding , watch my video from this morning (April 27, 2015) here:



Specifically, it is now proved that microwave transmitters can (and do) induce rotation over the transmission location.

It is also proved that microwave transmissions can strip ions / electrons from the atmosphere, which induces CCN formation (cloud condensation nuclei). RADAR pulses (aka HAARP rings) are proved to induce CCN and rotation:


Together, microwaves can induce rotation, and induce water vapor — thus a man-made frequency induced storm is made.

We have seen this happen far too often to be coincidence, or chance.

The experiments proving the science behind HOW this is occurring have been done by reputable professionals, and well known institutions.

Tornadoes happening at all times of the year, winter, summer, fall, spring… irrespective of location …. from Key West Florida to Seattle Washington… time after time we see tornado formation, damaging winds, and hail develop directly near (in some cases directly over) high power microwave transmitter.


Much more information on how frequency induced storms occur can be found here:


Below are several examples of Tornadoes ONLY forming over transmitters, and airports with high power transmitters nearby: (these are just a few of the HUNDREDS of times this has now occurred).

high power transmitter RADAR haarp ring iowa april 9 2015

tornado nexrad radar haarp ring april 9 2015 nebraska hastings

fort polk radar tornado april 3 2015