5/08/2015 — Texas Railroad Commission orders tests on “frack” wells after 4.0M earthquake #winning

After a magnitude 4.0 earthquake strikes the South Dallas / Venus, TX fracking operations, the Texas Railroad Commission now sees the light on fracking earthquakes!

The commission has now ordered the operators of the wells nearby the 4.0 magnitude earthquake to undergo inspections in light of this larger seismic event.

Now I know for certain the fracking earthquake message is being heard by the people who need to hear it most.  #winning

Thanks to all the viewers, and readers who are sharing the information – we are seeing results from your efforts!

(thanks to James Dalek Smith for sharing the news on this)

texas fracking earthquake may 7 2015 4.0

The operators are:

  • Bosque Disposal Systems, LLC
  • EOG Resources, Inc.
  • MetroSaltwater Disposal, Inc.
  • Pinnergy, Ltd.

The TRC (Texas Railroad Commission) is charged with the approval, and permitting of all oil / gas wells in the state of Texas.


Here is my video showing the operations in question:


Quote the Associated Press news release on this TRC order:


“AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Railroad Commission is requiring the operators of five disposal wells near a sharp earthquake to perform some tests.


In a statement Friday, the commission says Bosque (BAHS’-kee) Disposal Systems LLC, EOG Resources Inc., MetroSaltwater Disposal Inc. and Pinnergy Ltd have agreed to shut down the wells temporarily until results are in on the tests, which will be made within days. The testing will help determine the effect of wastewater injection into subsurface rock formations in the area where a 4.0 magnitude earthquake was centered Thursday about 30 miles southwest of Dallas

The quake was the sharpest ever detected in North Texas. It injured no one but caused minor damage to two mobile home foundations.”


Official release from the Texas Railroad Commission:



Up until recently, literally up until this noteworthy 4.0M earthquake, the commission had been in full denial on the relation between earthquakes , and “fracking” / wastewater injection.  We had seen a swarm of earthquakes build to this larger event, which the TRC was warned would happen.

Being the ardent researcher I am, unfortunately I had to call them out publicly, notify my Texas viewers to put pressure on their local officials, and make a public mockery of their denials.

The back and forth began almost 4 months ago:



5/08/2015 — ELEVEN large volcanic eruptions in 1 days time! South Japan at Sakurajima Volcano

May 8, 2015

11 separate large blasts occurred at Sakurajima Volcano on mainland South Japan in just one days time.

11 eruptions japan 1 day may 8 2015


I have assembled a phenomenal 30 minute montage video of the eruptions , some of which last fairly long.  These were compiled from throughout the day today (May 8, 2015).

7 large daytime eruptions, and 4 large eruptions after dark. Then the feed was CUT by the Japanese webcam host!

This is like 2011 all over again, multiple large eruptions at Sakurajima means pressure is building in the region. Sakurajima is like a pressure gauge on the Pacific plate, when we see Sakurajima show major activity, we can expect large earthquake activity to follow in nearby adjacent areas just to the North and just to the South of this location in Japan.

These 11 eruptions were recorded via video capture from the streaming webcams provided by the University of Tokyo, and the JSA.

You can watch (record) your own videos of this volcano using the webcams on http://www.volcanodiscovery.com


This new volcanic activity comes on the heels of multiple large earthquakes in the West Pacific, the announcement that a dormant volcano near Tokyo (silent for 800 years) is coming to life, and with a new Eruption in the Philippines.

All this happened after deep movement in the Asthenosphere below the West Pacific.

Studies (and tests in the field) have been done which prove Asthenosphere movement (deep below the plate) causes shallow movement upon the plate above.

When the deep movement occurs, it displaces a larger region above the epicenter, the magma chambers located between the Asthenosphere, and the crust are also displaced, which then produces earthquake + volcano activity.

See more on the deep asthenosphere findings here:



5/08/2015 — Dormant Supervolcano in California shows movement below — sign of California pressure

The past week of earthquakes (up to May 8, 2015) reveals tremendous seismic pressure building in the Southwest / West coast of the United States.

past 7 days of 2.5m and greater earthquakes may 8 2015

Above: Past 7 days of earthquakes 2.5M+ in the United States, up to May 8, 2015 115am CDT


On top of all the other dormant volcanic activity happening globally, such as ancient volcanoes waking up in Japan after 800 years of silence, and unexpected eruptions in Chile — we now are seeing movement begin around MULTIPLE dormant volcanoes along the West coast of the United States.

This comes on top of the news of a fresh underwater eruption occurring off the West coast of Oregon.

Most recently, now we see earthquake movement directly at Mono Lake Supervolcano, which is located in Central Eastern California, along the Nevada border.

supervolcano may 7 2015

Information on this event at Mono Lake from the USGS:

M2.6 – 43km ESE of Bridgeport, California


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.6 ml± 0.4
Location / uncertainty 38.041°N 118.817°W± 1.3 km
Depth / uncertainty 6.8 km± 1.4
Origin Time 2015-05-08 03:58:05.870 UTC
Number of Stations 12
Number of Phases 16
Minimum Distance 4.01 km (0.04°)
Travel Time Residual 0.1815 sec
Azimuthal Gap 90.21°
FE Region Central California (40)


If this movement at Mono Lake, CA was on its own, then we might say it was just “chance” or “coincidence”….. or maybe we might incorrectly think it was just “normal” small seismic activity which one might see at a time of global seismic unrest elsewhere.

But if you knew about the OTHER dormant volcanoes which showed movement this past week, then you might reconsider your definition of “normal”, and thus reconsider what we might be observing take place along the West Coast.

9 out of the 10 past most recent earthquakes on the West coast were DIRECTLY at volcanic locations.

Recent examples below.


2.9M earthquake near Lassen Volcanic Center, May 7 2015:

lassen volcanic center earthquake may 7 2015


Information on the Lassen Volcanic Center 2.9 (3.1M revised) earthquake from the USGS:

M2.9 – 10km WNW of Greenville, California


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.9 md± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 40.167°N 121.068°W± 0.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 6.4 km± 0.5
Origin Time 2015-05-07 13:56:18.300 UTC
Number of Stations 41
Number of Phases 43
Minimum Distance 6.50 km (0.06°)
Travel Time Residual 0.08 sec
Azimuthal Gap 66°
FE Region Northern California (36)


3.7M earthquake near Mount Baker volcano in Washington State, May 7 2015:

mount baker earthquake may 7 2015


Information on this 3.7M earthquake near Mount Baker from the USGS:

M3.7 – 12km NNE of Bryant, Washington


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.7 ml± 0.2
Location / uncertainty 48.336°N 122.084°W± 0.6 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.6 km± 0.9
Origin Time 2015-05-07 08:42:35.250 UTC
Number of Stations 51
Number of Phases 59
Minimum Distance 8.04 km (0.07°)
Travel Time Residual 0.36 sec
Azimuthal Gap 38°
FE Region Washington (29)


2.6M earthquake near Mammoth Mountain Volcano / Mono Lake volcanic complex , May 7 2015:

mammoth mountain mono lake earthquake may 7 2015


Information on the 2.6M earthquake near Mammoth Mountain / Mono Lake from the USGS:

M2.6 – 21km NW of West Bishop, California


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.6 md± 0.2
Location / uncertainty 37.475°N 118.651°W± 0.2 km
Depthuncertainty 7.4 km± 1.3
Origin Time 2015-05-07 07:53:32.280 UTC
Number of Stations 38
Number of Phases 41
Minimum Distance 12.59 km (0.11°)
Travel Time Residual 0.07 sec
Azimuthal Gap 56°
FE Region Central California (40)


2.9M earthquake near Bitner Volcanic Butte in Northwest Nevada , May 7 2015:

nevada bitner butte may 7 2015 earthquake


Information on this 2.9M earthquake near Bitner Butte in Nevada from the USGS:

M2.9 – 69km ESE of Lakeview, Oregon


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.9 ml± 0.9
Location / uncertainty 41.858°N 119.637°W± 3.8 km
Depth / uncertainty 4.7 km± 7.6
Origin Time 2015-05-07 07:23:16.734 UTC
Number of Stations 4
Number of Phases 7
Minimum Distance 16.92 km (0.15°)
Travel Time Residual 0.1159 sec
Azimuthal Gap 223.56°
FE Region Nevada (37)


ANOTHER 2.9M earthquake near Bitner Volcanic Butte in Northwest Nevada , May 6 2015:

nevada bitner butte may 7 2015 earthquake


Information on this May 6th 2.9M earthquake near Bitner Butte in Nevada from the USGS:

M2.9 – 72km SE of Lakeview, Oregon


Magnitude / uncertainty 2.9 ml± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 41.886°N 119.629°W± 5.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 10.1 km± 3.4
Origin Time 2015-05-06 22:49:58.076 UTC
Number of Stations 5
Number of Phases 9
Minimum Distance 15.58 km (0.14°)
Travel Time Residual 0.1755 sec
Azimuthal Gap 129.64°
FE Region Nevada (37)


3.8M earthquake in Baja Mexico Gulf of California at dormant volcanic butte, May 6 2015:

mexico 3.8 baja dormant butte earthquake may 6 2015



Information on this 3.8M earthquake at an unnamed dormant volcanic butte in Baja Mexico from the USGS:

M3.8 – 108km SSW of Alberto Oviedo Mota, B.C., Mexico


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.8 ml± 0.1
Location 31.278°N 115.430°W
Depth / uncertainty 10.0 km± 31.6
Origin Time 2015-05-06 22:31:18.310 UTC
Number of Stations 4
Number of Phases 7
Minimum Distance 26.09 km (0.23°)
Travel Time Residual 0.04 sec
Azimuthal Gap 112°
FE Region Baja California, Mexico (48)



3.2M earthquake near Mount Shasta + Lassen Volcanic Center, May 6 2015:

shasta lassen volcano earthquake may 6 2015


Information on this 3.2M earthquake near Mount Shasta Volcano from the USGS :


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.2 ml± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 40.611°N 122.427°W± 0.2 km
Depth / uncertainty 22.6 km± 0.3
Origin Time 2015-05-06 18:30:46.540 UTC
Number of Stations 28
Number of Phases 29
Minimum Distance 5.46 km (0.05°)
Travel Time Residual 0.09 sec
Azimuthal Gap 64°
FE Region Northern California (36)


One lone earthquake out of the last 10 earthquakes (over the past 2 days) has struck in a NON-volcanic location, but does fall along an area which is known to be erupting right now.

A 2.7M earthquake along the Gorda Escarpment, May 6 2015:

gorda escarpment volcano earthquake may 8 2015


Information on this 2.7M earthquake along the Gorda escarpment from the USGS:

Magnitude / uncertainty 2.7 md± 0.1
Location / uncertainty 40.455°N 124.777°W± 1.8 km
Depth / uncertainty 24.2 km± 6.3
Origin Time 2015-05-07 14:26:23.730 UTC
Number of Stations 30
Number of Phases 35
Minimum Distance 37.20 km (0.33°)
Travel Time Residual 0.27 sec
Azimuthal Gap 271°
FE Region Offshore Northern California (35)


Hawthorne Lake Nevada:

dormant butte hawthore nevada earthquake volcano may 5 2015

Hawthorne Lake, NV dormant volcano 3.5M earthquake seen in this video here — from May 3, 2015:


Information on the Hawthorne Lake, Nevada 3.5M earthquake from the USGS:

M3.5 – 12km SW of Hawthorne, Nevada


Magnitude / uncertainty 3.5 ml± 0.3
Location / uncertainty 38.444°N 118.730°W± 0.8 km
Depth / uncertainty 4.8 km± 1.2
Origin Time 2015-05-03 14:56:15.280 UTC
Number of Stations 16
Number of Phases 23
Minimum Distance 3.45 km (0.03°)
Travel Time Residual 0.1794 sec
Azimuthal Gap 60.52°
FE Region Nevada (40)


5/08/2015 — 4.0M earthquake strikes Texas Fracking Operation — Viewer asks “What comes next?” Answer is…

A rare magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck at a Venus, TX fracking operation located just South of Dallas Texas.

texas fracking earthquake may 7 2015 4.0


I posted a video report on this event just after it occurred:


This video led to a viewer asking an important question that I’ve been waiting for someone to ask…..

(click to view full size)

fracking what comes next in texas


cut and paste here for those who can’t seen the screen capture:

UPGardenr 1 hour ago

Thanks for posting What the hell is next Pardon my french


 my reply:

+UPGardenrMore larger earthquakes now the the area has experienced what I call a “super-fracture“.
“The super fracture will cause casements in OTHER wells to fracture, along with wastewater disposal wells under pressure from the fractured casements as well as ground pressure coming from the NW due to the craton movement we’re seeing elsewhere. 

Now that this popped, expect a spreading out from this point to adjacent areas.

Just like in Oklahoma, began with small movement which was DENIED to be linked to the injection extraction process — those built into 3.0M events.. which then built to a 4.0M event.. which THEN built to a 5.0M+ event.. and then the whole area blew out with (now) TENS of thousands of earthquakes.

Once the area “super fractures” then the area really starts moving within a few months or less.

Only a state line drawn on a map between Texas and Oklahoma.  Geologically speaking we can now expect the other operations to move heavily, and then we’ll see the “reactivation” of the ancient faults below Texas. This should also lead to earthquakes further Southeast and Southwest of this Texas Location… meaning Louisiana and Arkansas are now back in the mix.. and New Mexico / Colorado will also see more noteworthy movement.

Texas is moving as a result of the craton pressure releasing at the weak points (fracking operations + oil wells) … also releasing at dormant volcanoes on the West coast.

The pressure on the craton is causing the breaking of the casements which contain the hydraulic fluids under pressure. The water in the wells escapes into surrounding rock, and is causing unintended large earthquakes. These unintended earthquakes then cause fracturing in the casements of the OTHER NEARBY wells, and this causes additional earthquakes, which then fracture ADDITIONAL casements on other operations. This begins the unintended “super fracture” process.

Once the “super fracture” process starts, like a breaking piece of glass, it cannot be contained once it gets beyond a small fracture.

This leads to a growing cycle of earthquakes , where one earthquake causes another earthquake in another location adjacent to it. For instance, we will see earthquakes bounce between the Southern Colorado fracking operations, and the Oklahoma Fracking operations 500 miles east! Or , we will see the Oklahoma operation experience a large event, which then causes another event in South Kansas at one of their fracking operations.

We have seen 5.0M activity in Oklahoma cause 5.0M activity in Southern Colorado.. We have seen 4.0M activity in Oklahoma cause other 4.0M activity in Oklahoma…all these aforementioned earthquakes which bounce around happen within HOURS or DAYS of each other.

Now that Texas experienced its “super fracture” in Venus, TX. Within the next few weeks we will be seeing new swarms of earthquakes develop nearby this area.  Texas will be on the earthquake map for a while to come thanks to this newest MAN MADE EARTHQUAKE.

If these operations were not here, there would not be a “weak point” for this Northwest craton pressure to release at. The pressure would have traveled through Texas bedrock and crust — moving further East towards Arkansas and Tennessee.

There would normally be a buildup of pressure along the New Madrid and Smoky Mountains — the mountains “growth” would normally occur. Instead, Texas and Oklahoma are now taking the release that would have built along the New Madrid, and the Eastern Craton mountain chains (which extend up to New England).

I suppose we should thank the people of Texas for taking the hit for us up here on the New Madrid.


5/07/2015 — 4.0M fracking earthquake in Texas — Officials deny fracking connection to earthquakes

Update May 9, 2015 – 130am CDT:

To all my viewers! Thank you!! Because you shared the message, the Texas Railroad Commission is now “seeing the light” in regards to Fracking Earthquakes.

The Texas Railroad Commission has ordered a review, and inspection of nearby wells after this magnitude 4.0 event .

Full story here:



Original post below


May 7, 2015

A noteworthy (and rare) 4.0 magnitude earthquake has struck South of Dallas Texas in Venus, TX.

4.0m earthquake may 7 2015 texas fracking

Texas officials have been DENYING the fracking is causing earthquakes in their region.

Over the past few months, multiple 2.0M – 3.0M+ earthquakes have struck around the Dallas Texas area.  The Texas Railroad Commission, those charged with the approval of gas wells for the State of Texas, literally denied a fracking earthquake connection.

As we warned over the past few months, these earthquakes would spread across the area, and grow in magnitude.


Today, May 7 2015, we now see a 4.0 magnitude earthquake strike directly below a fracking operation just South of Dallas Texas.

texas fracking earthquake may 7 2015 4.0


I called out the Texas officials this past week in a video, telling them that they will be seeing larger events in the near term.



M4.0 – 5km NNW of Venus, Texas


Magnitude / uncertainty 4.0 mb_lg± 0.0
Location / uncertainty 32.480°N 97.132°W± 2.7 km
Depth / uncertainty 3.2 km± 7.9
Origin Time 2015-05-07 22:58:05.490 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 38
Minimum Distance 43.75 km (0.39°)
Travel Time Residual 0.52 sec
Azimuthal Gap 48°
FE Region Northern Texas (500)